GarageBuy Always Crashes... ALWAYS


I want to first of all thank you for GarageBuy and GarageSale. Excellent work you do and I have been a paying customer (of GS) for years.

My issue is with garagebuy. Its freeware, its excellent but it crashes all the time. It has crashed constantly since I have been using it (years). Because its freeware and I believe i read you guys don’t really support it I just kept reopening it after it crashed and kept my mouth shut. But today it crashed and I thought to myself… how can IWC have this product out there that crashes all the time and do nothing about it? They do great work… it doesnt make any sense. Perhaps the issue is with my system!

So I wanted come come to the help section and post a plea for help. To ask am I the only one who experiences crashes every 5 minutes? Is this just the way it is… or is there something Im not doing right? Some setting or toggle I neglected to flip? Better ask than not ask.

So below is the latest crash report. There wasn’t an option to send it to the developer so I thought I might post it here for someone to see and deduce with the problem is.

Thank you in advance!

[Crash report attached as text file]Crash Report.txt (73.8 KB)

I am assuming it’s the Flash plug-in that is causing GarageBuy to crash.
It’s worth a try to disable/uninstall Flash, restart your Mac and then check GarageBuy.

Regards, Kristian

Thank you very much Kristian. I really appreciate your help and your time.

I did just as you said and uninstalled Adobe Flash from my computer and disabled it from my browsers.
Then I restarted and tested GB. It crashed again. Attached is the crash report.

Crash Report 2.txt (89.4 KB)

I removed the ebay account and readded it.

After a 2 minutes it crashed again.

Crash Report 3.txt (120.3 KB)

One more Crash Report for today in case you can gleem anything from it/them @Kristian. Thanks again for your help.Crash Report 4.txt (104.9 KB)

The newer crashes seem no longer have anything to do with Flash. I am a bit clueless here but maybe @paul can have a look at the crashes, too.
Is it an option for you to delete your current GarageBuy database and start all over?

Regards, Kristian

Well I am happy to report that i have suffered no more crashes since the day of my last postings. Pretty amazing … Im so happy to be enjoying this software to its intended potential.

To summarize, i uninstalled Adobe Flash, logged out of all my accounts linked to GarageBuy and logged back in. I had a 1-3 crashes after this but nothing the next day everything was great.

Thank you very much @Kristian and the IWC team.