GarageBuy is it possible to have too many items

I have a problem with GarageBuy Items not updating or more commonly the photo for item not being viewable unless I select the item in the list. Now I have empty items at the top of my active items list Is it possible to have saved too many items? Is there a cache file that needs to be cleared? Is seams like over time the app has become a little flakey, this is on macOS, IOS and iPadOS.


Have you tried refreshing your eBay token from GarageBuy’s preferences? We had to switch some call to new eBay APIs, which might not accept the access token GarageBuy has on file for your account.

I tried refreshing the token, it didn’t seem to help. I also logged out of my eBay account in GarageBuy, now when I try to log back in I get an error message-“Duplicate Account, The eBay account for the user **** was authorized multiple times. The duplicate will be delete.” I was hoping to restart fresh.

How many accounts are shown in GarageBuy’s preferences panel?

I was hoping to just start fresh and clear out the problem