GaragePay PayPal API Credentials

I am trying to configure the PayPal API Credential for PayPal Canada.
I upgraded my PayPal account to Premier to use this software.
I do not find anywhere in PayPal the requested API Credentials informations.
I have searched the web on how to get that information and they all refers to the old web interface.

Hi Sylvain,

does this work for you?:

Regards, Kristian

Thank you for your support.
I first modified you link to point to the Canadian site
When I try it,
a) I see a small box in a web page asking me my PayPal username and password (which I have given)
b) then I am redirected to the new login UI which I have to re-enter my username and password
c) I am then redirected to the PayPal new UI main page
At this point, I do not have the signature and I am inside the new UI with no clue as to how to register for a signature.
Best regards,


on the Paypal website can’t you log-in, click on the account icon in the top right corner, open profile/settings > seller and hit the update button next to API access?

Regards, Kristian

Im having a very similar issue. Paypal has updated its interface again & i can not find the API information…
its all very counterintuitive… which is why i was hoping garagepay could help…

But the setup info that came with garagepay must be outdated because the instructions don’t match whats going on in paypal.

For me, the API signature is on that page:

Profile (top right) > Account Settings > My selling tools (left hand table) > API Settings > View Api Signature