GarageSale 6.9.5 on MBP will not launch after optimization

Last night, in an attempt to optimize, I switched my Garage Sale preferences from delete completed auctions Never to after 6 weeks. The application froze immediately and after 30 minutes I had to force quit. I have been unable to relaunch the application ever since. The app sits non-responsive for 15-20 minutes before I get an application memory error and have to force quit.

I have run disk utility and scanned/repaired disks and permissions. Neither showed any errors. I reset the SMC, uninstalled, re-downloaded and re-installed garage sale 6.9.5 and tried again…and again.

No change. Still non-responsive.

Any idea what is happening, and more importantly how to remedy?

Nevermind, I now have a fresh new Garage Sale, and 18 months worth of custom templates and settings to re-do. UGH.

Hi, I’m a fellow user also trying to make GarageSale work for me.

If you make a new ‘Import from Ebay’, here’s one tip. Go to Ebay and do a bulk edit to remove IPR (Immediate Payment Required) from all your fixed price listings (temporarily, put it back when the import is finished). There is an error regarding the Immediate Payment setting that won’t allow you to create auction templates from Fixed Price templates if IPR is checked.

Be sure to use Verify Templates as you reconstruct so you know where there are problems and when things are right. Something is glitchy, and I have a feeling GS Import is different than how it used to behave.

Another thing to consider is removing fancy borders and scrolling galleries from your listings to optimize for mobile devices. When things ‘went wrong’ with my imports I used the opportunity to simplify as much as possible since I had to visit and verify each template individually.

Hopefully someone else can tell you how to recover your templates more easily. That would be best.

Do you have a backup such as Time Machine?

I do, and I’m wondering if Time Machine (coupled with MyPassport) will save me if I have future loss of templates such as you. I’ll ask separately.

good luck, Robin

Hi capnews,

you could give this a try to recover your data:

GarageSale keeps backup of this file from the last 10 runs in the directory
’Backups’*. You could try replacing the GarageSale.sqlite file with one of the
files from the Backup directory. I’d start with the oldest one first and work my
way until I found the most recent “good” file.

  • Macintosh HD/Users/yourUserName/Library/Application Support/GarageSale/

Please note: The user Library is hidden by default! Click the Finder’s Go menu and press the option key (alt) to make the user’s Library show up in the menu. Selecting it will open it in the Finder.

Regards, Kristian