GarageSale 6 is GONE, GS 7 stalled on import

You stated that after updating to GS 7 we would still be able to use GS 6 but that is false. The update appears to remove and delete the older version of the program.

I went ahead and let it download the latest release version of GS 7 and told it to import the GS 6 database. More than 30 minutes later the progress bar seemed stuck around 15-20% done, so I cancelled it as I needed to get work done. Went to reopen the GS 6 app and lo and behold it is totally gone! Not happy since your own FAQ stated I could still use the old version.

’What happens with my existing GarageSale 6 database if I upgrade to GarageSale 7?
Installing and using GarageSale 7 will not effect your ability to use GarageSale 6.x. Your current database will be migrated to the GarageSale 7’s new database format, the original database file will not be altered in the process.’

Hi Chase,

your old GarageSale 6 database should still be there, untouched. If you no longer have an older GarageSale 6 version on your hard disk, please download the latest GS6 version from here:

Regarding the import of your GS6 database in GS7:
The import might take a while if you have a very large GS6 database.
However, if you think it hangs can you please open the Console utility and look from output from GarageSale from the time it hangs?

Regards, Kristian

Was able to download and use GS 6 once again. Tried to reimport the DB into GS 7 last night and here it is 12 hours later and still spinning the blue circle around the app icon in the Welcome to GarageSale screen. Can’t post the Console info here as it is over 180000 characters long.

FYI, we have more than 1150 active listings and nearly 2500 sold listings within the AUCTION TEMPLATES heading, and 9500 listings stored within the AUCTIONS heading.

That sounds too long. We tested with much larger databases, and the import process went much quicker. Maybe the import process stalled for some reason?

If you haven’t forced GarageSale 7 to quit in the meantime, can you check with the Activity monitor utility on your Mac if GarageSale is still working? There should be a GarageSale Import process visible that consumes an considerable amount of your CPU’s time.

GarageSale (Not Responding) • 1.7% CPU • CPU Time 2:53:28

Is there a GarageSale Importer process listed in the Activity monitor, too?

Did not see one, but have since force quite the app.

We could attempt to import your GS 6 library, put you would need to send us your library over DropBox or some other sharing service. Can you give us an idea how big your library is by checking the folder size of the Library/Application Support/GarageSale folder in your home directory?

The folder is 25.35 GB.

How big is the subfolder called Backups? Sometimes this is very big and maybe we do not need it to import your library.

Backups folder is 3.85 GB.

Okay, it sound like it’s not feasible to transfer the entire database including images over DropBox.

I suggest you just send us your GarageSale.sqlite file as zipped file via DropBox. We see if we ran into any issue. Maybe we can fix the code to work around it. Thus, we won’t need your images to in the first place.

Having said that, can you please lookup up how big is your GarageSale.sqlite file after compressing it as a .zip archive?

64.1 MB compressed is the sqlite file for the latest version in the folder.

I was able to import your GS 6 library into GS 7. It took about 8 minutes on are MacBook Pro with SSD, 16GB RAM, and 2.8Ghz Core i7 CPU.

There were some changes made to the importer since you first wrote in, perhaps the import works for you using this version:

GarageSale will log some message to the Console window (under /Applications/Utilities) during the import process. Please keep an eye this window in case GarageSale seems to stall again during import.

It took a while but did import the library this time. Thanks.

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