GarageSale 7.0.1 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 7.0.1 is available for you to download from this URL (or by using the built-in updater if you are already running an earlier version):

Thanks to everybody who invested his or her time in testing the alpha and beta releases. GarageSale 7 wouldn’t have been possible without you!

What’s new in this version

  • fixes a possible crash on application startup when user language wasn’t set to English

What’s new in GarageSale 7

  • completely modernized interface with instant error reporting
  • can import listing drafts from the GarageSale Scout app on iPhone
  • a new custom database engine, which deals better with large amounts of data and allows us to adapt to eBay changes more quickly
  • GarageSale 7 does away with the template/auction differentiation - it only offers listings, which can either be running or not
  • a new Orders sections which shows information about purchased items and buyers
  • Reports can generate diagrams in addition to text tables
  • automatic update of eBay category information as needed
  • listing design are now optimized for mobile devices
  • local live validation of most eBay errors in new “Preflight” panel
  • listing images can be edit using image editing apps installed on your Mac and with image editing extensions
  • listing images can be copied and pasted between images
  • support for barcodes on the variation level
  • you can copy specific settings from one listing and paste them into other listings
  • added a preference setting ‘Load Flash’ to prevent Flash plugin crashes
  • inventory items can be exported and imported
  • you can now set the quantity of 'Good ‘til cancelled’ listings to zero to mark the item “out of stock” (you need to enable the ‘Out of Stock’ feature in your selling preferences on eBay’s website)
  • when selling cars on eBay Motors or eBay UK, there is no a dedicated field for the vehicle ID (VIM or VRM)
  • the ‘Import from My eBay’ command now downloads large images from existing eBay listings
  • can automatically generate SKU for your variations
  • added a “Reveal Original” command to the outline view context menu when a smart group item is selected. Using that command, you can easily jump to the original item of an item shown in the smart group, for instance to delete it or move it to a different folder
  • return policy, payment options, and tax settings can be specified in GarageSale’s XML import format
  • added support for specifying shipping insurance cost on eBay Italy and France
  • added 4 new designs
  • when in Listing Editor mode, there’s now basic syntax highlighting and auto-completion for tags when in HTML or Markdown mode
  • much more

System Requirements

  • GarageSale 7 requires OS X 10.10 or later

Upgrades and Pricing

GarageSale 7 is a paid upgrade from any previous version of GarageSale. The upgrade costs €/$ 19.99. During the public beta phase the GarageSale 7 upgrade is available for €/$ 16.99. Upgrade licenses are only available from within GarageSale 7.

If you purchased your GarageSale 6 license directly from iwascoding after August 1st 2015, you are eligible for a free upgrade to GarageSale 7. GarageSale 7 will offer you a free license once you start the purchase flow within the application. Unfortunately this free upgrade is not available for customers who bought GarageSale from the Mac App Store.

The full price for GarageSale 7 will be €/$ 39.99.

Migrating from GarageSale 6

  • GarageSale 7 has a new application identifier and uses its on database and 'Application Support folders, so you can run it along side GS 6 without side-effects
  • it should import your GS 6 library and your accounts (this process may take a while upon first launch)

How to import your GarageSale 6 library again

Sometimes there a bugs discovered and fixed in the component that migrates your GarageSale 6 library to GarageSale 7’s new format. If the bug effects you, here is how to run to import process again:

  1. Export any listing you created in GarageSale 7 and want to keep
  2. Quit GarageSale 7
  3. Rename the folder at ‘Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale7’ in your home directory to something like ‘com.iwascoding.garagesale7-old’
  4. Restart GarageSale 7
  5. Import any listings you exported in step #1

What’s still missing

  • fixes for yet undiscovered bugs

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Ilja on behalf of the iwascoding team

Mmmh I tried to check for upgrades from top bar as always but it says “GarageSale 7.0 (771) è la versione più aggiornata disponibile”, which means I cannot upgrade to 7.0.1 from the app…

same for me. only see 7.0 (771)

Sorry. Some beta quirks with the new website. Should be corrected by now.

Nice release so far guys, seems more stable to work with but going to give it more testing and see what I find. I have a couple of questions though:

  1. I bypassed the “Import Garagesale 6 Data” when installing and would now like to attempt to sync my large Garage Sale 6 database with garageSale 7.0. Is there a way to do this within the program as I cannot reinstall and find this prompt again?

  2. Have been using the beta and encountered a few things that are missing from the previous Versions and cause a lot more work when listing thousands of items like we do:
    *Duplicating an Inventory Item now Duplicates the photos you have within that Item, meaning that you have to manually remove the photos and then add new photos. Also when duplicating it erases the SKU# and the Item Description. Previous version simply wiped the photos and kept only the Item Description & Item SKU which made lisiting similar items a lot easier and speedier. The current version forces you to delete the photos and then re-add all SKU information which is taxing when you list many items. Can you add this as a feature even if its an option you can select? Pretty cumbersome to use without this feature for us.

  • Duplicating a Listing also has the same issue in that it keeps the current listings photos, meaning you have to manually delete each photo and then re-add the new listing’s photos.

Thanks and look forward to using GarageSale 7.0 as it appears much more stable


You need to re-import your GS 6 library again. Here is how to do that:

Would it help, if we changed the code, so that when you press the option/alt key while copying, images wouldn’t be copied?

Hi Ilja,

Adding code to press option/alt key would be wonderful! Would this also apply to the SKU setting within the inventory panel? The other issue, as mentioned, is that the SKU number IS NOT duplicated when an item is duplicated. This causes issues because we usually add 25-100 items at a time,and simply update theh # as we go meaning:


Its easiest too have the number duplicated because then we can upudate the # and not have to retype the entire SKU

Thanks so MUCH!

Also, will these fixes be in the next patch? Just wondering how long it may take until this is possibly fixed? Unfortunately the current version would not work for our needs because of these two issues, but hoping that this can be resolved soon so that we can use 7.0 instead of 6

This is intentional and won’t be changed. Each inventory item needs to have its unique SKU, otherwise reducing inventory when an order comes in wouldn’t work, because GarageSale would know from which item it should reduce the purchased quantity.

Sorry, we are still working our way through all the feedback for GS 7. I created a ticket for your request, but depending on what other issues will be reported, your ticket might get pushed back in our waiting list.

I understand each inventory item needs its own SKU but in GarageSale 6.* the inventory SKU would duplicate as the following:

ITEM-001 (then press “duplicate”)
ITEM-001_1 (“duplicate”)

This was great because when you actually duplicate the Item SKU it keeps the information ITEM-001_1 which you can then change to ITEM-002 and not have to completely re-type the SKU.

Imagine the difference when you have to enter 100 items with 5 photos each:
(Each Step will be marked with an **)

GARAGE SALE 6.* Version:
** (Duplicate Item)
(Photos are removed when duplicated)
(SKU: ITEM-001_1 is Automatically entered into SKU field & Item name field remains the same)
**SKU changed to ITEM-002 by simply selecting the SKU Field and highlighting “1”, hitting delete key and then changing to “2” (2-3 total key strokes)
**Drag & Drop/Add the 5 new Photos

GARAGE SALE 7.1 Version:
(Duplicate Item)
(Photos ARE NOT removed when duplicating)
**Remove Photo 1
**Remove Photo 2
**Remove Photo 3
**Remove Photo 4
**Remove Photo 5
(SKU field & Item name are removed)
**Retype the entire SKU (ITEM-002)-( (8-9 total key strokes-imagine how taxing this can be when you have a more complex SKU code as we do)
**Drag and Drop/Add 5 new photos

This may not seem like much but currently it is a much more taxing process involving much more typing and additional steps. (Our personal experience per duplicated listing is 15-20 extra keystrokes and several additional mouse clicks in order to delete the duplicated photos-That is a HUGE time difference when you consider 1000s of items being duplicated)

This is especially amplified since our SKU system is more complex like AU071916-0397 and we have to do this 1000+ times per month. Is there a reason why the older Inventory duplication process was changed because this would only seem to work better for someone who sells individual items and not duplicates, or does not list numerous items. Hoping this can be looked into further as it is important to our business and I can imagine others may find this to cause additional work. Hope this makes more sense


Where in new GarageSale 7.0.x do I specify that the listing is for a “lot” of items? There used to be a checkbox in previous version.

On price and best offer line… ?

Seems we have missed it in the migration process from GarageSale 6. We will add it for the next release.


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