GarageSale 7.0.2 (773) Bugs: Categories not expanding, Schedule missing calendar

When I select (eBay UK) category “Computers/Tablets & Networking”, there is an arrow indicating subcategories, but nothing shows up there (screenshot below). Some other categories work, many don’t. I was looking for a button that lets me redownload this eBay data but couldn’t find one.

Less importantly, when using the eBay scheduler (I know there is another, but my computer is not always online), in the Advanced tab, there no longer is a calendar widget popping up. This used to be there in version 6.x and I miss it.

I’ve just upgraded and it’s a bit frustrating.

Have since found the “Update categories” button and after several tries managed to download a complete working set. It seems the code for downloading them is not capable of detecting whether the download was successful or complete and simply shows a broken list when it only got part of it. Also the download status window disappears when cmd-tabbing away.

Sorry, the clock widget took to much valuable screen estate in the already crammed inspector. You can still use the eBay scheduler, but you’ll only get a field that shows date and time:

If you see this happening again, please get in touch. Maybe the log files will give us a clue why the category download is sometimes failing for you.

That’s true and the standard behavior for popper windows. You’ll can get back to the progress by clicking on the category browser again.

@ilja Did you fix the category not expanding issue?

I might have to start clean.

I suspect something might be wrong with my database but this happened after upgrading to 7.0.2 (it’s still happening after 7.0.3.


You might want to try this:

  • In GarageSale, choose “Help” menu > “Open Library Folder”
  • Quit GarageSale
  • Delete the “Category Data” folder
  • Restart GarageSale

Any better now?

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