Garagesale 7.0.20 (856) Not updating Access Token

I am trying to update the Access Token to Ebay.

It keeps going into a loop, asking for Verfication Code information (see below) :-

Enter a verification code to continue
To keep eBay a safe place to buy and sell, we will occasionally ask you to enter a verification code. This helps us to block unauthorised users from entering our site. Please enter the verification code in the image below and click on the “Continue” button to enter our site. Learn more about our security policies.
Enter the verification code

Change the image | Listen to the numbers


I have been researching this - apparently Ebay have made a stipulation that it must point to https and not http since October this year. I am wondering if the redirect for the authentication code is pointing to http and not been changed to connect to the https within Garagesale code? Just a thought, as I noticed that somebody in Germany is having this self same problem.

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