GarageSale 7.0.4 Beta 2 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 7.0.4 Beta 2 is available for you to download from this URL (or by using the built-in updater if you are already running an earlier beta version):

Normally, we try to avoid shipping beta version for minor fix releases, but version 7.0.4 is taking longer a little longer than anticipated. It contains quite a few bug fixes, that’s why we are releasing a beta version now, so you can benefit from the improvements while we finish up the remaining work.

What’s new in this beta version

  • the warning about missing quantity for auto-restart listings is only shown once for each ended listing
  • fixed a bug when importing orders which contained multiple items bought through auction-style listings
  • when duplicating an item, the auto-restart flag stays enabled

What’s new in GarageSale 7.0.4

  • the auto-relist feature will re-list with the remaining quantity of the ended listing (see below)
  • local verification of a hundreds of listings should no longer cause hangs
  • original listings can be moved to a specific folder during auto-relist
  • displays an error when the system prevents access to your Address Book
  • search results can be restricted to the selected group
  • drags from iPhoto are now working in editor mode in the listings section
  • you can export multiple listings as separate files by holding down the alt/option key while selecting the “Export Listings” menu item
  • listings are removed from search results when move to trash by choosing “Delete Listings”
  • fixed an issue where selected listing properties where copied to a newly created listing, when preview mode was active
  • items in search result can be duplicated
  • the ‘Launch Control’ window remembers what listing properties you selected for revise or re-list
  • fixed an issue where Re-List without changes was not working correctly
  • more image editing applications should be shown image context menu
  • using an inventory item’s SKU in the variation panel will copy the barcode of that inventory item to the variation
  • added “sort results alphabetically” item to search options menu
  • searches should be a little faster
  • you can enable several events by holding down the option/alt key in the panel for missing scheduler events
  • preview reloads when you change the gallery image

Changes to the Auto-Relist feature

This version changes how the Auto-relist feature works. Up until this version, GarageSale’s Auto-relist feature worked like this:

  • If your listing was linked to an inventory item in GarageSale through the SKU field, a new listing was started only if there was sufficient quantity left in the inventory item (unless you checked the ‘Ignore Inventory Quantity’ checkbox - in that case the listing was always re-listed).
  • If your listing was not linked to an inventory item, the listing was always resisted with the original quantity of the listing.

Starting with GarageSale 7.0.4, the behavior for listings not linked to an inventory item will change like this:

  • If there is any quantity left in the ended listing, GarageSale will re-list that listing with the remaining quantity. If all stock of the original listing sold, no re-list will happen.
  • If your listing is linked to an inventory item, the same logic as in earlier GarageSale versions applies.
  • If you check the “Ignore Inventory quantity” box, GarageSale will re-list with the ended listing´s original quantity.

What’s still missing

  • make the new auto-relist feature work for variation listings
  • updated localization for some of the new features
  • updated manual
  • fixes for yet undiscovered bugs

System Requirements

  • GarageSale 7 requires OS X 10.10 or later

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Ilja on behalf of the iwascoding team

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Thank you for this.

However, I am suddenly having trouble with spinning beachballs that don’t go away.

Do you know why that would be?

If you have to way to reproduce the beachball, here are instructions on how to provide us with sample data, so we can see what’s causing it:

  1. Launch GarageSale if you don’t have it already running

  2. Open the Terminal utiliy (under /Application/Utilities)

  3. paste the following line into the Terminal window and press return:

    sudo spindump GarageSale 120 -onlytarget -file ~/GarageSale-spindump.txt

  4. Enter your account’s password so spin dump can connect to the GarageSale process

  5. You now have 2 minutes to work with GarageSale and trigger a beach ball

  6. After this period, you should see something like this in the Terminal:

    Sampling completed, processing symbols...
    Spindump analysis written to file /Users/<your username>/GarageSale-spindump.txt
  1. Please send us the file GarageSale-spindump.txt from your account’s home directory

What this does:

Every time you see the beachball cursor, what methods GarageSale spends its time in is written to the GarageSale-spindump.txt file. With that log we can figure out if its indeed the database that slowing GarageSale done, or something else like Thumbnail generation, Category data parsing, inserting new eBay orders or messages into the database.

Seems to be when switching windows, like from Finder back to GS. My pictures are all kept in Finder so I am having to switch back and forth a lot.

Actually, I was wrong. There doesn’t seem to be any triggers other than it is working fairly hard at the time. It can be at the end of a big re-list, during a re-list when an unrelated notice pops up, while selecting a lot of items, while running a big search…

I have been trying to catch it with the spindump but it seems to happen so irregularly. Still 4 times in the last 1/2 hour though. It is only with the above version, not at all with the prior. I could go back to the last version but I so want to use the new search features.

Maybe you can catch be increasing the time span of the spin dump command.

If you change the 120 (seconds) in my original post to 1200, you should have 20 minutes to encounter the beachball. If that isn’t enough, you can further increase the time limit.

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