GarageSale 7.0.5 Released

Or did you perhaps revert your GarageSale library data to an earlier version by going back to an older TimeMachine backup?

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7.0.5 beta 2, the same I am using since the last beta versions had troubles with the auto-closing launch control. I did not touch Time Machine, just downloaded the version of this thread, installed, opened and hundreds of expired listing started to be relisted. A large part of them were expired and not relisted for some problems (look here Error during relisting ), but many others were expired by me through GS because I sold them… and now I have to check one by one if they are still in the inventory or went sold…


It’s like the app restarted all the listing expired that had the auto-restart feature enabled…

I have just noticed that GS relisted many listing that were recently relisted, thanks god eBay closed them because were identical to other active listings. What worries me now is opening GS… since the expiring came thought eBay and not GS all these listings will be relisted again…

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It does not depend (I think) on GS but on eBay shipping rules, but to be sure I will never open again that version until the bug is fixed, it made a disaster and it is 10 hours I am checking one by one each listing, make sure you don’t use auto-restart feature or do not open it!!

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Hi Federico,

After going through every code change since version 7.0.5 Beta 2 line by line, I believe I know what caused all the re-list operation when first starting GarageSale 7.0.5 final:

Before GarageSale 7.0.5, it was possible that listings with the auto-relist option were re-listed too often. This happened when GarageSale received a notification from eBay that a listing ended, but the internal operation queue on which the re-list operation was put was very full. In this case, it could it happen that another status update from eBay was received, before the queued listing was re-listed. Under these circumstances, another re-list operation for the very same listing would have been enqueued, resulting in several re-lists for the very same item.

To prevent this bug we added a flag to the listing in the first beta of 7.0.5, that kept track if the listing was already queued for re-listing. If this flag was set, the listing would not be enqueued another time when a listings with the auto-relist flag enabled was processed.

Unfortunately this flag was saved to disk, which introduced a new subtle bug. If the user quit GarageSale while listings were waiting to be re-listed, these listing were never auto-relisted. Every time GarageSale processed eBay status updated, the application would not enqueue the listing because the guard flag was still set. Since there was no operation enqueued, the listing was never auto-relisted.

We addressed this bug in GarageSale 7.0.5 Beta 3, by replacing the initial guard flag with a new flag, which only lived as long as GarageSale was running and was never saved to disk. Thus, if the listing was not auto-relisted before the user quit GarageSale, it had a chance to re-listed upon GarageSale’s next run.

Since you stayed on GarageSale 7.0.5 Beta 2, you never got the fix we shipped with beta 3. Thus, you accumulated a lot of listing, that should have been re-listed, but weren’t because the guard flag was stuck. Once you updated to GarageSale 7.0.5 final, you got the fix we implemented in Beta 3, so all the previously accumulated, but never executed re-lists, were finally processed.

I believe that’s what you experienced this morning. If my assumptions are correct, this was a singular event, which should not happen again, as it resulted from the prolonged usage for GarageSale 7.0.5 Beta 2.

To prevent a situation like this from happening again, we probably have to add another safety net, which prevents items from being auto-relisted if their listing ended a while back (e.g. one or two weeks).

Hope this makes sense to you.

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Hello Ilja,
thank you for your long and clear explanation, that must be the reason. As I wrote in the other thread GarageSale 7.0.5 Beta 3 Released I did not switch to beta 3 since the persisting bug of auto-closing launch control. Tomorrow I will finish to check all the remaining expired listing after I do not know how many hours and I will delete them and empty the trash. Then I will give a new try to this 7.0.5 version. If the bug is this, I don’t know if you need another safety net, just few people download the beta version (I suppose) and maybe it is just my fault I skipped the beta3 because of the bug. Sure there are some other auto-restart properties that would be useful :grin: but any resemblance is purely coincidental …
Thanks again for your prompt and clarifying help as always.

Have a nice evening

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I am running 7.0.5 beta 2. The relist feature is finally running perfect with out the duplicating issue I was having. Will this problem of the expired listings occur for me if I upgrade to the beta 3?

This is hard to tell from here from the outside, because it depends on the state of database fields not visible in the user interface.

The only way to be sure would be to delete all expired listings that still have the “Auto-relist” checkbox value checked and empty the trash.

I always empty the deleted listings to keep track of the auto relisting. I updated to beta 3 and so far no issues.

@ilja I have just moved to the new version and the problem seems to be resolved, it must have been what you said. Anyway I have just found a new problem…
In order section (re)appeared the issue with multiple orders. A person bought 2 items, I had 2 different lines in order section, then I sent an invoice through eBay. Now I have the 2 lines + one unique order with both purchases. What’s problematic is that I deleted the 2 separate orders in order to keep only the unique one, anyway after some minutes the 2 separated orders reappeared as new (greyed chart)… although I deleted them and there is still the unique one…

I have just started using it but there is stil this problem GarageSale 7.0.5 Beta 3 Released when a listing is started and moved, the output folder open every time :unamused:

When I download the latest 7.0.5 I don’t get a zip file. I get an .app file. I don’t know how to install it properly. It just installs and leaves the old version alone. When I run the icon it still loads the older version. If I go to the APP folder it shows 2 GarageSale icons. One for the new and one for the old.

If the two app files have the exact name, your Mac should have shown you a dialog asking if you want to keep both or just the new one when you dragged that file into the applications folder. You can highlight each GS app file by clicking once and typing Cmd-I to bring up the info pane. Look at creation date. Drag the oldest dated one to the trash. Should now open only the latest version.


As I said, it just installs when I click on the icon in my download folder. it does not give me an opportunity to drag it to the app folder. I get a window asking if I’m sure I want to open it. when I click OPEN, it opens and runs the app.

For me, it works in this way as long as I can remember. Only the very first download of the app required the installation process, now each file I download (zip or not) does not need any installation process, but just open it by click on the file in downloads. So now I have 13 GS :grin: every time I download a new version, I remove the past from the bottom footer and I place there the new one. @r_l every time you download a new version it is like a “new” icon, clicking on the one you had opens the previous version, just remove and sostituite with the last one you obtained. Make sure you don’t have the automatic opening when the computer switches on! In this case it will open the previous version you had set and not the new one… tried this in past and was not a good idea…

BUT no one has this problem???

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Drag that icon to your applications folder.

This has to do with a new security feature in Mac OS 10.12 called “App Translocation”. Without some extra work on our end, this feature blocks GarageSale auto-update mechanism. So until now, GarageSale will start a download in your browser when run under 10.12.

We are working on a fix for the 7.0.6 update, which will hopefully restore the old functionality when it detects the 7.0.7 update.

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