GarageSale 7 & 8 Not Uploading Images To Ebay

Today (9/20) neither version of GarageSale 7 or 8 Beta latest version on 8 can upload any images too eBay. Getting an error message that says: Image Upload Failed. Internal error to application. What is going on and what is the fix. No other software changes were made.

I am encountering this issue also. I just installed the latest update 7.0.20 and now I cannot list any items. Appears to be an issue with the image upload. Any info would be appreciated.


Same problem here :frowning:

This is a global eBay server outage. Neither image uploads nor shipping labels (in the US, at least) work today. They are aware and are “trying to fix it shortly”.

The problem arose about 6 hours ago, as my GS schedule logs show.

See the capitalized exclamation-point yelling here for more info.

Thank you for the update. Reassuring to know it’s an eBay issue and not a GS issue and is likely only temporary (hopefully).

We opened an issue with eBay developer support about this. It seems at least one of the eBay servers that’s responsible for receiving image uploads to eBay’s picture service has gone rogue and is responding with errors.

I’ll keep you posted once somebody from eBay gets back with me.


Thank you, much appreciated!

Confirm, here I cannot work since images cannot be uploaded …

Hi, same problem here, I’m using GS in Italy. I was a bit in panic till I resd this topic!

As of 1:34 pm EDT, it is now working!

STILL NOT WORKING for me in Italy!

Well, it turns out it is now only working off and on. By retrying after a failure, I was able to upload the images. One time I had to retry twice. So it is not really up-to-speed yet.

Some of eBays servers are bad, some are good. It’s totally random which one GarageSale gets connected to.

Latest update: eBay is working on a fix. Here is the page where they post status updates:

I do believe it is now fixed. My images through GarageSale are being uploaded! Thank you for your help and information regarding eBay’s server problem.

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