GarageSale 7 Beta 12 - Can't Drag & Drop From Thumbnail View

As the title says, as of this release I can’t drag and drop from the thumbnail (Icons) view. I was able to select multiple or just one template and get it to another group from this windows.

This might be another Bug.

I’m not quite sure that this feature was ever built-into in GS 7. Nevertheless, it would be nice to have.

LOL, well the feature was working on GS6.

Please add it back when u get a chance.

I move stuff around a lot and often.

Yes, good feature - I use it quite a bit myself, especially if listing another item similar or the same as the one I originally used the template to sell.

Hint for completeness reasons: The thumbnail view is back, but you will only see if you have OS X 10.11 or later.