GarageSale 7 Beta 13 - Cannot schedule event. PLZ HELP

GS7 Beta 13.
I already click listing > click [+] from menu bar > New Scheduler Event > Scheduler windows pops up. show Empty Event and get nothing. No scheduler listing inside. try to drag and drop it’s not working. please kindly help.

Excellent Question.

I can’t schedule events either, I gave up on it.

I like the way GS6 allowed me create even from the Context Menu (Popup Menu).

Events are extremely helpful for listing lots of items at once.

In order to have the new event automatically populated, you need to select some listings before choose the “New Scheduler Event” command. These listing should appear in the small “Scheduled Listings” table.

Did you drop your listings on the “Scheduled Listings” table?

Yes please, i already try drop listing on “Scheduled Listing” but it’s nothing happened. I have try so many ways Please kindly check.

Sorry, I cannot reproduce this. Can you please make a small screen cast (QuickTime Player > New Screen Cast) which shows what’s happening on your side? Thanks.

Dear ilja,

Here is my screen recording link below.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for the screen cast. So, you are stumbling about one of the changes in GarageSale (and us not having implemented a proper feedback UI for this case).

In GarageSale 7 you can only list a listing once for a various reason. Thus, the scheduler refuses to accept listings as it is already started. If you try with a fresh duplicate of your listing, drag and drop should work.

And yes, we should have implemented some kind of warning. :grimacing: