GarageSale 7 Beta 14 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

Beta 14 of GarageSale 7 is available for you to download from this URL (or by using the built-in updater if you are already running an earlier beta version GS 7):

We’d appreciate your early feedback, so if you have a few minutes to spare, please give GarageSale 7 a try. Your GarageSale 6 installation will not be altered by trying out GarageSale 7.

What’s new since the last Beta release

  • you can now set the quantity of 'Good ‘til cancelled’ listings to zero to mark the item “out of stock” (you need to enable the ‘Out of Stock’ feature in your selling preferences on eBay’s website)
  • you can have an already started listing selected from the search result when starting a new listing
  • the main window shows up for users still running OS X 10.10
  • an alert is displayed when you try to use an already started listing in the scheduler
  • when importing your GarageSale 6 library, inventory images are correctly shown in listings linked to them (*)(thanks @bossbreak)
  • group content in the inventory section can be sorted
  • new scheduler events can be created from a listing’s context menu
  • the media browser doesn’t stay empty when you have the Photos application open
  • the listings table in the scheduler window is updated when dragging a listing onto an existing event
  • dropping listings on the events table in the scheduler window
  • when using a custom image server, setting the image upload size to “Use Original Size” no longer crashes GarageSale’s preview (thanks @icspanta)
  • listing SKUs are submitted to eBay
  • when a GarageSale 6 library is present on first start, there is now an option to skip the importing of this library
  • added a “not refunded” rule to the default smart groups in orders mode (*)(thanks @Brian)
  • setting image upload size to ‘Use Original Size’ no longer crashes GarageSale’s preview
  • changing the color of design properties doesn’t effect earlier edited design properties (thanks @Brian)
  • ‘Buyer Requirements’ settings can be edited if already set before (thanks @Brian)
  • added a ‘barcode’ tag to the XML import file format for listings
  • includes workaround for several crashes reported through GarageSale’s crash reporter

(*) this change requires a re-import of your GarageSale 6 database. Please see below for instructions.

What’s new in GarageSale 7

  • completely modernized interface with instant error reporting
  • a new custom database engine, which hopefully deals better with large amounts of data and allows us to adapt to eBay changes more quickly
  • GarageSale 7 does away with the template/auction differentiation - it only offers listings, which can either be running or not
  • a new Orders sections which shows information about purchased items and buyers
  • Reports can generate diagrams in addition to text tables
  • automatic update of eBay category information as needed
  • listing design are now optimized for mobile devices
  • local live validation of most eBay errors in new “Preflight” panel
  • listing images can be edit using image editing apps installed on your Mac and with image editing extensions
  • listing images can be copied and pasted between images
  • support for barcodes on the variation level
  • you can copy specific settings from one listing and paste them into other listings
  • added a preference setting ‘Load Flash’ to prevent Flash plugin crashes
  • inventory items can be exported and imported
  • much more

System Requirements

  • GarageSale 7 requires OS X 10.10 or later

Upgrades and Pricing

GarageSale 7 is a paid upgrade from any previous version of GarageSale. The upgrade costs €/$ 19.99. During the public beta phase the GarageSale 7 upgrade is available for €/$ 16.99. Upgrade licenses are only available from within GarageSale 7.

If you purchased your GarageSale 6 license after August 1st 2015, you are eligible for a free upgrade to GarageSale 7. GarageSale 7 will offer you a free license once you start the purchase flow within the application.

The full price for GarageSale 7 will be €/$ 39.99.

Migrating from GarageSale 6

  • GarageSale 7 has a new application identifier and uses its on database and 'Application Support folders, so you can run it along side GS 6 without side-effects
  • it should import your GS 6 library and your accounts (this process may take a while upon first launch)

How to import your GarageSale 6 library again

Sometimes there a bugs discovered and fixed in the component that migrates your GarageSale 6 library to GarageSale 7’s new formt. If the bug effects you, here is how to run to import process again:

  1. Export any listing you created in GarageSale 7
  2. Quit GarageSale 7
  3. Rename the folder at ‘Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale7’ in your home directory to something like ‘com.iwascoding.garagesale7-old’
  4. Restart GarageSale (make sure you using beta 8)
  5. Import any listings you imported in step #1

What’s still missing

  • localized user interface for languages other than English
  • a user manual
  • fixes for yet undiscovered bugs

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Ilja on behalf of the iwascoding team

The FIND feature seems not to be working for me at all.

Is that something you’re still working on?

Bugs on Beta 14

  • VARIATION : Prices value bug
    Screen#1 : I want to change prices from $13 to $14 on D0045_S cell.

Screen#2 : After changed i move to another cells. you will see D0045_S not change to $14

Screen#2 : But when i click back to D0045_S cell. prices value show $14 correctly but wrong display on cells.

Thank you very much for your hard working.


  • Ability to drag and drop thumbnail listing view. sometimes we use to see photo of listing thumbnail and select or move them from thumbnail to schedule table.

  • Love to see sorting on INVENTORY.
    Screen#1 : You will see I cannot order N001, N002, N003 , N004. need ability to order them.

  • Ability to create multiple SKU in one click. Ex. [New multiple SKU] > filename + sequence
    Screen#2 : something look like this (credit from Adobe Lightroom : multiple photo rename)

    Because many times we create 50 listing with same prices and quantities.

  • Ability to custom tool bar button like GS6. it’s very useful.

  • Ability to attached photo when reply eBay messages.

  • Ability to label , flag , note , or marked something on listing when we need to check it back again later.

Thank you very much.

Thanks. We’ll look into this next week.

The search feature is supposed to work. Can you provide me with a specific example of what’s not working? Here is a list of details I’m looking for?

  • I suppose you want to search listing?
  • What does you search string look like?
  • Where in the listing is that search string (title, description, comment)?
  • Does the search string appear in the listing exactly as you enter it in the search box, or is there a difference, like letter case or some extra spaces ?
  • Have you created the listing in GS 7, has it been imported from GS 6 or some other source (e.g. exported file, “Import from ebay” command?

What’s the intended method for relisting auctions that didn’t sell?

In GS 6 I would just change an event’s date and enable it. GS 7 isn’t letting me do that since the items have already been listed. (I’m guessing I don’t use GarageSale in the way it was designed, since I’m just making new templates for each item and have never used inventory.)

How about a “Duplicate Event” command, that would automatically create listings of all previously started listing contained in the selected events? Would this help?

I’m getting a crash when trying to use show spelling or check document
(spell check options)

The shipping options can not be modified when you have any tab other than the options tab selected in the side inspector.

Thank you for your feedback. As far a I can tell this should already be fixed in the next beta version.

Regards, Kristian

Thank you for your feedback. I was not able to reproduce it here in Editor or in Preview mode. Could you give us some more details so we can try to reproduce the crash here?

Regards, Kristian

Sorry for the delay. I’ve had workmen in and out for a week as they blow insulation into my walls from the inside.

I don’t actually get to input a search string, as I can’t get that far.

When I click on FIND under EDIT, the drop down is all greyed out except for JUMP TO SECTION.

This happens with every listing, no matter whether it was imported, copied over, or freshly created.

This particular set of Find command is only good of searching the description of a single listing when you are in Editor mode. (It should work in preview mode, too, but it doesn’t at the moment).

If you want to search across all your listing, you need to use the search box on the far right of the main window’s toolbar.

(The popup is a sneak peek of beta 15).

Thank you, Ilja! That works! I don’t use Editor Mode and frankly, forgot it existed! Thanks!

I use SEARCH all the time to check for duplicate listings. If you change a price or go from BIN to auction or make the simplest of changes/corrections in a listing, eBay doesn’t recognize it as a duplicate. (In their defense, I guess it’s not technically a dupe. :slight_smile: )

Love the future drop-down for SEARCH!

When is that update due out??

Unless we discover any show stopping bugs tomorrow.

Sorry for the delayed reply (again).

That would definitely be helpful. Though, it still feels messy to keep creating duplicate listings and deleting the originals.

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Let’s say an alert is coming up when you try to Duplicate an event that contains already listed listings, asking you if you want to duplicate those listing. How about a checkbox “Move original listings to trash after duplication” at the bottom of this alert?

First off, yes, I think that would be an improvement.

Second, it just occurs to me that relisting auctions via events was actually sort of a workaround. Originally, in GS 6, I tried to use “Automatic restart” on the “Auctions” tab, but it would restart the listing regardless of whether the item sold and regardless of whether I entered a quantity. Maybe this would be better to review?