GarageSale 7 Beta 16 - Title Disappearing Bug

You might want to look as to why the title might partially disappear during the editing of a template.

I have this happens twice with Beta 16 on the version.

The title except for 1 word disappear from the top-title section (not the title on template description area, or the one on the Template name) Only the one above the image/duration area.

it looks like a minor side effect.
it will be hard to catch, because I can’t tell what exactly I did when it happened, but it happened twice on two different listings.

Thank you.

Thanks for reporting. Can you give me an idea how you mostly edit your title, so we have a starting point while trying to replicate the bug? Is it

  • in preview mode
  • in editor mode
  • in the outline view on the left

Thanks again.

Editor mode always.

These were listings that had not previously been listed.

I’ve today created a brand new main template using GS7, I was relaying on a listing template that was created with GS6. I’m hoping that relying on 100% GS7 template will improve the inconsistency I’m experiencing.

I will let u know how it goes.

Thank you for the reply.

Do you think its possible that return keys, you might push to confirm your edits, end up in the preview somehow and are causing this issue?

Yes it is possible.
I might have hit the “return”, “delete” or space key.

I was in the middle of doing some editing on the title when it happened.

After that I was being more careful.

Thank you.