GarageSale 7 didn't import all listings


I recently upgraded to GarageSale 7 and imported my old GarageSale 6 file and everything seems fine except my question is that under my “Listings” I am only able to view listings from eBay the last 3 or 4 months worth.

I had several hundred old Listings that I imported from eBay in GarageSale 6 that I used as reference, is this a new feature or am I stupidly overlooking something?

In GarageSale 6, were those old reference listings available under “Templates” or “Auctions”?

Hey, those listings were under “Auctions”

GarageSale 7 only imports auctions from GarageSale 6, that are still attached to an “auction template”. Sorry, for some reason I cannot recall at the moment, we are skipping “orphaned” auctions. I guess you have to keep GS 6 around to, if you want to reference these auctions.

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