Garagesale 7 ebay categories not updating


I have been using Garagesale 7 for a while now and it really is a great tool.

I’m having a rather anoying problem as of late.
The Categories on ebay Belgium have been changed, everything from ‘Games & Consoles’ changed to one big category ‘Videogames & Consoles’, with some sub-categories.

Now i don’t see these new categories, the only category i see is the old ‘Games & Consoles’ with no sub-categories. (see screenshot attached)

When i use ‘Update categories’ nothing is changing.

So for now i can not complete my listings since the category can not be found.

I also tried duplicated a running auction that is according to eBay in a correct category.
But when i do this in Garagesale the Category titles ‘Unknown’.

Any help would be greatly apreciated!


Hi all,

After retrying a number of times with ‘update categories’ i now have the correct updated list.
So the problem resolved itself :slight_smile: .


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