GarageSale 7 Search Descriptions - Not Working on Version 7.0.6b5 (788)


I don’t believe search is working on the latest version.
I have a very unique ID sequence that I use for my Listing, I was able search by that number, but since the upgrade and re-importing all of my data back into GS7, I’m not able to find in the description.

Searching by title name works well.

Can you please help me with this?
When looking at it, can you please address Find-and-Replace. That was a pretty useful feature in GarageSale 6 that we lost on this version.

Thank you.


could it be that you need to check your search options (just click on that little magnifying glass in the search field)?

Regards, Kristian

Where is that sequence stored? In the description, or in some other part?

If you export a listing, and re-import it, does GarageSale find the re-imported listing when you search for your ID?

Hi @kristian,

I’m familiar with that and I try all the options and it doesn’t help.

Thank you.

The sequence is a unique number in the description.

I place this value (The ID, unique number) towards the end for inventory reasons and to better help me find the location of the item.
I was having issue with my GS because there were too many images on my old data files.

I started a new instance and re-imported only those listings that are unsold and stuff that I have on draft mode.

It doesn’t find it when search for my ID, but it works if I search for the title of the listing.

Also “Find and Replace” are disabled on the GarageSale 7 application.
Thank you.

Hello @ilja and @kristian,

In addition, I just started using smart groups, pretty cool feat.
The work with titles that contain certain keywords, but they don’t work Descriptions.

Thank you for looking into this, just wanted to add to the existing issue.
Once this is working again, I will definately use smart groups.

Thank you.

That’s very strange. I just run a quick test and the smart group feature works on descriptions with your item identifier (see attached animation).

Also, the search field works for the same identifier.

If you go to GarageSale’s Help menu and choose “Open Library Folder”, do you see a file called “GarageSale-FTSIndex.leveldb” in the library folder?


I see the “GarageSale-FTSIndex.leveldb”, it was called “GarageSale-FullTextIndex.leveldb” in my previous file.
In fact I switched back to my old GS7 database until this issue is resolved.

Thank you.

Hi @ilja,

I deleted everything under “GarageSale-FTSIndex.leveldb” and that fixed the issue.
It probably was corrupted

Thank you.

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