GarageSale 8.0.10 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 8.0.10 (final) is out and can be downloaded from the link below or the built-in updater:

What’s new since Beta 7

  • the “Show Media Browser” button will always bring the Media browser window to front, instead of closing it when it’s already open (only applies when you are using the System’s Media browser)

What’s new in GarageSale 8.0.10

  • multiple images in Editor mode can be rotated at once
  • the ‘Paste Listings Components’ command lets you paste images copied from another listing into your selected listings
  • selecting multiple images while holding down the Shift key in Editor mode behaves more predictable
  • reduced CPU usage when editing descriptions in Preview mode
  • fixed crash when a duplicated listings was moved to the Trash while displaying search results
  • the ‘Start’ button in the Launch Control window can now be triggered by pressing the Return key
  • clicking the ‘+’ in the Text Snippets window no longer discards current edits
  • if an order’s shipping address contains a ReferenceID field, the contents of this field is now send to the Endicia postage software
  • fixed an issue where the Tarif Code table in the Global Shipping tab of the Shipping settings was initially empty
  • the “Move Listing To:” popup button in the Automatic Restart options works again
  • various crash fixes

System Requirements

  • GarageSale 8 requires OS X 10.12 or later

Thanks for using GarageSale!

Since updating from the 8.0.10 beta where you sped up the HTML rendering, to 8.0.10r, there is again a lot of “beachball times” now. I’ll try to record it. It happens seemingly randomly.

If you know how to get the Beachball to appear, using the “Sample Process” command in Apple’s Activity Monitor utility while the Beachball is still showing would be most helpful.

I’ve just gotten beachballed in the process of exporting 1500 listings. There is a file in the finder at the point this is sampled (20+ hours after initially clicking “save”), but the Activity Viewer is frozen (with progress bars), the Save Dialog box is frozen and blank, and Disk Activity for the GarageSale process is about 4 kb/sec Writes (but apparently still nibbling on something).

Sample of GarageSale.txt (203.1 KB)

Actually, that (above) may be unrelated, but it is still an easy way to produce a beach ball: I just tested exporting (while there were updates from eBay being shown in the Activity Viewer, immediately after restart) one listing, and there was a long beachball afterward the single file was written, before anything responded again.

That’s strange. Here is a version where I tweaked the export code to reduce the temporary memory usage, maybe that improves the situation:

Let me know if it works any better.

I was doing some digging, and it looks as though I had one malformed listing record in the export that hung. Not sure how that happened, but if I skipped it, I was able to export promptly.

I couldn’t reproduce it so far. There have been a lot of shorter beachball moments, but none that i could catch for process sampling. I was simply too slow at clicking the button.

There is also a “Run Spindump” action in Activity Viewer, that is supposed to record application activity only while the beachball is visible. Not sure what time window Activity Viewer uses.

Here is how you can run spindump from the Terminal for the next 120 seconds on GarageSale.

sudo spindump GarageSale 120 -onlytarget -file ~/GarageSale-spindump.txt  

You might try with a larger time window to catch your problem.

Sample of GarageSale.txt (1.9 MB) GS Sample Image Editor.txt (1.1 MB) GS Best Offer Sample.txt (767.5 KB)

Hope these help, not sure if i was quick enough to catch it.

Thanks for the files. Here is a quick summary of what I learned from them:

File #1 -> GarageSale is very busy sorting eBay Messages,
File #2 -> Not much of a beach ball while loading an image, probably no room for improvement here
File #3 -> Not much of a beach ball again, but a little bit of time spent in sorting eBay messages again

So, it seems GarageSale’s re-sorting of your messages seems to be the causes of the beach ball. Let me thing about how to replicate this here and fix it for a moment.

Also, what do you have the sorting popup for the message set to?


I think messages were sorted by date, newest first. I’ve deleted all messages now and set archiving to 1 month in ebay website settings.

That feature on the eBay website has no effect on GarageSale.

Shit…i also deactivated showing messages for all the accounts i have but they still show up in GS.

We don’t need curse words. Other people read these.

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