GarageSale 8.0.3 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 8.0.3 is out and can be downloaded via the built-in updater or from this link:

What’s new in GarageSale 8.0.3

  • when closing a torn-off Attribute panel, the changes in the selected text field are now saved
  • added menu command (cmd-shift-F) to switch the keyboard focus to the search field
  • fixed the odd indentation issue in the outline view of the Orders section
  • sends your return policy settings to eBay again when listing pickup-only items
  • downloads more attribute suggestions when opening the Attributes panel
  • fixed a possible crash when opening the Charity settings without having an eBay account authorised in GarageSale
  • fixed a possible crash right after re-listing an item
  • fixed cosmetic issues in the German translation

System Requirements

  • GarageSale 8 requires OS X 10.12 or later

Thanks for using GarageSale!

Thank You!! :grinning:


Since the 8.0.0 release, probably with recent the 8.0.3 release, the attributes panel no longer shows ANY default/required attributes. The photo below shows an existing running listing that had a list of several attributes last week.


Well… I went back and checked 8.0.2, and 8.0.1, and 8.0.0, and even 8.0b70 and they all show this same behavior.

I KNOW this worked correctly in the past several days…

I guess, eBay must have changed something recently??? ARG!!! :frowning_face:


After the update I again have a sync issue UGGG…

Me too, stuck with synching paused. I am still waiting for a response: GarageSale 8.0.2 Released

What category is this?

GarageSale caches the suggested specifics for 2 days in the EbaySpecifics directory in its library folder. If you quit GarageSale, deleted that folder, are the correct specifics appearing afterwards?

Sorry, with been flooded with fallout from the GS 8 release this week. We’ll start investigating this synch problem this afternoon.

Could you please send us the SynchLog.txt file from your both Macs? You can get by to the directory that file is stored by choosing “Open Library” folder from the “Help” menu.

I just tried it here with GarageSale 8.0.3 and the “Scenery & Trees” category but for me all attributes are available.
You probably already tried to refresh your eBay token and updating the category data afterwards?

Regards, Kristian

Don’t worry @ilja , I know you are busy. I am just worried because I hope you could track each issue now, since several days passed, now I am can’t remember exactly each step…

Hi Kristian,

MOST other category tree attributes are still working correctly.

I tried to “update categories”, and that did not fix it.

If I change the category to any category above the “Scenery & Trees” category, it works fine.
If I change it to the “signals” category below, it also does not work.

Most other category trees seem to work correctly.

This is the category tree I’m using:
Toys & Hobbies>Model Railroads & Trains>HO Scale>Parts & Accessories>Scenery & Trees

Is there a “limit” on the number of attributes in a category tree node??? Limit on the number of or size of “cached attributes”???

Very odd. This WAS working correctly a “few/several” days ago…


If not done already, please give Ilja’s suggestion a try. It fixed the issue for another customer.

These are the required steps:

  1. Open GarageSale.
  2. From GarageSale’s Help select “Open Library Folder”
  3. Locate the “EbaySpecifics” directory there and put it into the trash (quit GarageSale first).
  4. Start GarageSale again.

Regards, Kristian

Yes, deleting the EbaySpecifics folder seemed to fix the problem.

Here are my EbaySpecifics folder, before deleting (37MB), and after deleting (59K).


before (2.9 MB)
after (9.4 KB)

Maybe eBay returned an empty response when it wasn’t feeling too well, and GarageSale saved that empty response for the next two days?

Sounds possible/plausible… So in 2 days it should fix itself. And… I might not have even noticed… :slightly_smiling_face:


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