GarageSale 8.0.5 Beta 1 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

the first beta version of GarageSale 8.0.5 is out and can be downloaded via the built-in updater or from this link:

What’s new in GarageSale 8.0.5

  • added commands to insert missing attributes to the Attribute panel
  • added command to update Attribute suggestion to the Attribute panel
  • ignores empty attribute suggestion returned by the eBay API without an error


System Requirements

  • GarageSale 8 requires OS X 10.12 or later

Thanks for using GarageSale!

Just tried the new “Download Current Suggestions” command.

Still… No attributes. Strange. :cry:

Here is a screen shot from before using the command, and after using the command. I even closed the window and re-opened it. And I closed/quit the app and re-opened the app.

It has been 3+ days since I deleted the EbaySpecifics folder with the Specifics.site0.leveldb file. So… I quit the app, and deleted the EbaySpecifics folder again, and re-opened the app. Before and after EbaySpecifics folders enclosed.

That fixed it! Again. But, this also fixed it 3 days, ago. MAYBE, the " * ignores empty attribute suggestion returned by the eBay API without an error" fix will keep the attributes from being deleted???

MOST categories still work fine. I have just noticed it on a few…

I’ll keep an eye on this one…


before (334.6 KB)
after (9.5 KB)


Can you please give GS 8.0.5 Beta 2 a try. It has better error reporting, so maybe that gives a clue why some category don’t have suggestions.

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