GarageSale 8.0 Beta 55 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 8 Beta 55 is out and can be downloaded via the built-in updater or from this link:

What’s new in since the last release:

  • fixed smart group problems introduced in Beta 54
  • Synching: fixed an issue that could lead to missing images

What’s new in GarageSale 8

  • drastic performance improvements for search, smart groups, reports, updating data from eBay
  • completely reworked design templates
  • database synching between Macs, more info available here
  • popovers can be detached and retain their position and size between sessions
  • maximum image size when using GarageSale’s image hosting is now 1600x1200
  • improved UI feedback when using multiple connections and launch interval options
  • bulk “search and replace”
  • adds support for ‘Dark Mode’ appearance on macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • added ‘days Remaining’ smart group rule to the listing section
  • added warning about upcoming GTC requirement for fixed price listings
  • revised selection behaviour, so items selected in the outline view get immediately selected in the overview (middle area of the window)
  • added a popup to the listing overview for quickly filtering items by state
  • colors for the listing state icons be be configured via General preferences
  • added option to launch control window for using multiple connections when communicating with eBay
  • GarageSale Pro subscribers can upload up to 50 images per listing when using GarageSale’s image service
  • users can print customisable packing slips and shipping labels from eBay orders
  • added minimum listing interval option to launch control window
  • implemented a work-around for broken drag and drop from Apple’s Photos application
  • size of thumbnail images can be changed in image overview mode and listing editor mode
  • when running macOS 10.13, a faster panel is used for importing images from Apple’s Photos app
  • Improved AppleScript
    • Added values for order transactions
    • Can now upload tracking number via AppleScript
  • Smart Groups can be sorted
  • more filter and table view options in My eBay import panel
    • filter by auction/BIN
    • added column sku and end date
  • support for file images in XML import
  • can set title/category from catalog product (product search popover)
  • added preference to show buyer’s eBay account name in orders outline view
  • users can manually share started listings via FaceBook/Twitter
  • added preference to display colored background in listing mode outline view
  • added “Create Invoice with GrandTotal” command
  • when using no design, updated HTML code used for displaying your images below your description
  • started working on new “Pull changes from eBay”, which let’s you import specific changes you made to your listings on eBay back into GarageSale (not done yet)
  • improvements to AppleScript execution speed
  • when exporting multi-item orders to GrandTotal for invoicing, the shipping cost should be correct
  • shipping service table column in shipping options panel is resizable
  • added advanced eBay preference to specify the attributes panel’s behaviour when specifics are empty (insert suggested, insert required, insert no attributes)
  • added support for ‘Continuity Camera’ feature on macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • added menu commands to cycle focus between different parts of the main window
  • shows buyer phone number to order inspector
  • -order section: buyer name and address are now a single field for easy copying
  • added “Show Main window” menu command in case you accidentally closed it
  • shows number of verified listings in Launch Control window
  • added AppleScript command (and example script) to remove images from listings
  • when adding new groups, name fields in outline view get selected for editing
  • added advanced eBay preference setting to only perform local verification in LaunchControl window (and prevent verification with eBay)
  • error message for eBay error 240 shows additional error reason, if sent by eBay
  • eBay Message templates: fixed [[totalPrice]] and [[shippingCost]] macros to include billing shipping cost instead of the private “actual shipping” cost field
  • re-added support for the ‘Private Listing’ flag
  • removed outdated buyer requirements no longer supported by the eBay API
  • added “Move Selected Items to” command to “Edit” and outline view context menu
  • user can choose between multiple default footer layouts in Preferences panel
  • GarageSale performs certain eBay data update operation (GetSellerList) on 4 concurrent connections
  • ‘Activity Viewer’ window opens automatically on startup, if it was left open before
  • moved SKU field to first tab of Listings inspector
  • Preview now displays package dimensions if calculated shipping is used
  • added a “Select new listings after relist” advanced eBay preference


System Requirements

  • GarageSale 8 requires OS X 10.12 or later

It might just be my imagination… But scrolling speed seems to be faster since b53…


@ilja tell me this is that “random” issue I had and reported several time :pray:

Any other news from those ton of logs I sent you during last months? I still have synching inactive due to last problems, I was waiting for any news…

It might be, or it might not be. I can tell you the scenario that caused the bug, and you have to think if this was a common workflow in your team:

  • On Mac A, there’s Listing 1, which contains at least one image.
  • Listing 1 gets synced over to Mac B
  • Listing 1 gets duplicated into Listing 2 (which contains the same image) on Mac A
  • Listing 2 gets synched to to Mac B
  • User on Mac A deletes Listing 1
  • Listings are synched again
  • Now the Listing 1 is gone on Mac B as well, but Listing 2 has lost all images it shared with Listing 1

Does this sound familiar?

The process is exactly what we do and I explained previously, but there is one point I don’t find familiar. It’s hard to happen that listing 1 is deleted, since they are both (listing 1 and 2) two different items to list. The only similar thing I can guess is something like that:

  • On Mac A, there’s Listing 1, which contains at least one image
  • Listing 1 gets synced over to Mac B
  • Listing 1 gets duplicated into Listing 2 and Listing 3 by mistake (which contains the same image) on Mac A
  • Listing 3 gets deleted immediately due to the mistake (clicking cmd-D two times sometimes bring two identical listing duplicates)
  • Listing 2 gets modified and then synched to Mac B
  • Listing 1 is not touched in the meanwhile

Does it make sense for you?

Apart the deleting process, everything else makes sense (but I am still in doubts, if synch happens every 5 minutes,

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