GarageSale 8.0 Beta 66 Released

Same issue.

After I disabled sync if I try to enable it pauses… does nothing then a popup appears:

Request failed: gateway timed out (504)

Also I listed 17 listings today through the website and went to import them and only 6 showed to be imported…

Sorry for the temporary outage. Same of the connection issues were caused by a maintenance tasks blocking other requests from being handled. We are right now converting the database to a different layout, so that his should not happen in the future. The server should be back up later today or tomorrow, as the conversion is taking longer than we expected.

Also, there is an additional issue with server not answering connecting after a recent Linux update, which we are still investigating.


the synch never works for me. So today I tried again to reload the database with this new beta and I have this error immediately :
Request failed: bad gateway (502)

thank you

That is not fixed, crashes exactly as before… just sent you several reports (look the last two)

It won’t let me open the application here as the ‘license’ has expired. Surely this shouldn’t be prompting for license on a beta???

Sorry, even though this crash feels like the last one, it’s actually a different crash caused by the same root cause (which we yet have to determine). We fixed this crash as well, but there’s no guarantee that the next beta will not crash at other points in the code, too.

Sorry, the licensing logic is complex and easy to get wrong. We’d probably brick the app on final release if we didn’t have this code tested by real world users during beta.

So how do I continue testing?



You’d need to buy license. If you don’t want shell out money for an app during development beta, you can also purchase a GarageSale 7 license. Upgrades from GS 7 to GS 8 if purchased now.

I already have a GS7 license. Is there no upgrade path? And when are you releasing GS8.

Just very inconvenient as I now have auctions listed in 8 that can’t be managed.



You can upgrade to GarageSale 8 for a one time fee or $19.99 (upgrade fee). The upgrade will be free of charge if you purchased GarageSale 7 after April 1st, 2018.

Probably in somewhen in October. Depends on what bugs are still reported by beta testers.

So I’m stuck for now until you release 8?



I will let you know if next beta will still crash.

Anyway, apart this matter, I lost the synch situation. I remained to nothing working, is there any news??

I don’t get why you would be stuck? Because you don’t want to buy an upgrade license while GarageSale 8 is still in beta?

I’m confused. Are you selling upgrade licenses already for a product which isn’t launched yet?



Yes, you can buy a regular license for GS 8 already. I know it sounds greed to let testers pay fora license, but we really need to test every part of the licensing flow, including payment processing in the beta as well.

Can you buy an upgrade license now? It wouldn’t make much sense for me to buy a full license.



Yes, please check the “GarageSale” menu on the far left of the menubar and choose “Buy License”.

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