GarageSale 8.1 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 8.1 (final version) is available for you to download from this link:

What’s new in GarageSale 8.1

  • added support for eBay’s new order id format
  • Parts compatibility support
  • Listing auto cancellation
  • CSV import for listings
  • the Launch Control window now offers "Use Remaining Quantity" option to specify your remaining quantity as new quantity when revising or re-listing
  • Remove design HTML during “Import from My eBay”
  • Advanced settings for “Import from my eBay”
  • Added ‘Global Status’ smart group property
  • Update listings based on SKU during XML (and CSV) import
  • the category chooser panel now shows the category id of the selected category
  • added a “Hide Ended Listings” option to the view settings for the My eBay import panel
  • added “Uses Variations” smart group rule
  • added an additional menu command for printing packaging slips
  • fixed cosmetic issues with the search field width in certain toolbars
  • when revising a listing’s quantity on eBay, a warning is displayed if the new quantity exceeds the current quantity left
  • when using the new “Update existing listings” option during CSV or XML import, GarageSale can open the Revise panel for updated, running listings after the import is done
  • improved startup performance, especially when a lot of listings where selected when GarageSale was last quit
  • Preview: Character count in title field (listing design) now gets shrunk while typing
  • improved performance when updating list of warnings and errors in Launch Control window, especially when it's processing a lot listings
  • the “Take Photo” from iPhone command in the context menu of the Preview now works as expected
  • Launch Control Window: ‘Use Multiple Connections’ option stays enabled after starting a single listing only
  • preview is no longer updated after every keystroke in the SKU field to reduce CPU load
  • you can now search for listing titles and SKUs of sold in the Orders section
  • users can search for SKUs of ordered items in the Orders section
  • a secondary eBay category can be removed with a Revise operation from a running listing on eBay (if still allowed for that listing by eBay)
  • added “Listings” and "SKU" columns to overview table in the Orders section
  • fixed issues with detached Attributes popover not correctly updating when switching to another listing
  • Synching: disabled synchronization of smart groups in Orders section
  • Thanks for using GarageSale!


    CONGRATS to Ilja, Kristian, and Paul on the v8.1 Release!!!

    It is a FANTASTIC Application!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :+1: :+1: :+1:

    I can not live without it!



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