GarageSale 8.3.5 Beta 8 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 8.3.5 Beta 8 is available for you to download from the link below:

What’s new in Beta 8

  • fixed font color issues in the outline view on MacOS Big Sur
  • when “Move Selected Items” is invoked from overview, only the selected items are moved

What’s new in GarageSale 8.3.5

  • programmatically selected entries in the main window outline view are scrolled to the middle
  • worked around an eBay error when leaving feedback
    • the ‘Time Remaining’ column in the Listing overview table is updated periodically
  • the Image Markup editor works again on MacOS Big Sur
  • Attributes Panel: combo boxes don’t contain duplicate suggestions for certain attribute types
  • added an “Open GarageSale Community” command to Help menu
  • Synching: Fixed a bug that prevented a Mac from uploading data to the sync server, when a user created a new conflict by editing the local database while the Conflict resolution panel was already open
  • improved performance (less beach balling) when determining what images to delete from a custom FTP or WebDav image server
  • multiple images can be selected, dragged, and reordered in listing Editor mode
  • the ‘Move Selected Items To’ command is available from the Overview context menu
  • added “Zoom to Fit when Opening” preference for the Image Editor to GarageSale’s preferences; when disabled, the Image Editor will open at the last used zoom level
  • fixed a crash when uploading listing with the “Move Originals Options” options enabled, while it was pointing to a non-existent folder

Thanks for using GarageSale,
The GarageSale team

Hi @ilja ,
is there any preview about the cvs export feature we talked about some time ago?

Thanks for any info

Much better and mostly fixed…

The center list is drawn in a darker black than the left-side list… I think Darker Black is easier to read.

And when you activate another application, and GS in the background, most items are drawn in gray, but some items are then drawn in light black…

Sorry… :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 5.59.21 PM

Seems the middle table view is using a fixed color, and not the system default color. We probably need to adjust that, but then you’d get the less legible grey color everywhere. :man_shrugging:

OH. I can live with the darker font in the middle pane table view.

I’m not sure I like all this “light-gray-ness” in Big Sur… :frowning_face:

Mail app uses a darker black for it’s Column layout, but uses a really light gray for it’s Sidebar list…

Too much “light gray” in Big Sur, even Safari Favorites Bar and Toolbar… Not enough contrast.

And if you turn on “Increase Contrast” in the System Preferences, Accessibility, Display preferences, you get all these dark black lines everywhere… I just want darker black for small fonts on the white background… :cry:


Can you increase the font size, even if it is only 2pt? or give us the option to enlarge it? That way the lighter colors are easier to see

At some point, we’ll support the “Sidebar Icon Size” setting from the Finder’s General Preferences, just as Mail and other apps do. It shouldn’t take too long to get his added.

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What listing properties to you need in CSV file?

Hi @ilja,
What properties could be included in CSV file? I would say:

  • SKU
  • title
  • description (html?)
  • price
  • profiles (shipping+return+payment)
  • eBay catgory
  • shop category
  • attributes
  • duration
  • condition
  • offer (on/off)
  • quantity
  • ebay site

I think these are the main ones. Then, is it possible to include in a CSV file images or (more probably) URL of images?
Let me know please, this feature is above of my hopes…

Thank you

Yes! I was just going to suggest that! :slight_smile:

Right now, GarageSale is using the equivalent of “Sidebar icon size: Small”. I have my System Preference General preference set to Medium. Having GarageSale respect and use this system preference for the left-sidebar list seems like a good idea…


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Hi @ilja, any news about this feature or suggestion about my list?

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