GarageSale 8.4 Alpha 6 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

an new alpha release (a very early development release for preview) of the the upcoming GarageSale 8.4 is available for you from this address:

What’s new in this pre-release

  • fixed mixed-up menu items in the new “Order Status” submenu in the outline view context menu of the orders section
  • GarageSale generates a ‘mobile summary’ from the first 800 characters of your listing description when uploading listings, which does not include GarageSale’s version identifier string
  • the ‘Reveal Original’ command is available from the overview context menu (middle area) in the listing section
  • the number of images used in a listing is shown in Editor mode

General Notes about GarageSale 8.4

GarageSale 8.4 will be the first GarageSale version that support eBay’s new authorization method (OAuth), which is required to access any of the new APIs that eBay recently released (e.g. getting managed payment status, sending offers to watchers, attaching videos to listings).

Once you refreshed your eBay access token in GarageSale 8.4 from the Accounts section of the Preferences window, GarageSale will be able to ask eBay, if your account has managed payments enabled. If so, it won’t nag you to select a payment method or payment profile anymore.

If you are switching back to GarageSale 8.3.6, after having refreshed your token in GarageSale 8.4, you’ll will need to refresh your token in GS 8.3 once again.

What’s new in GarageSale 8.4

  • GarageSale no longer prompts for choosing a payment method if “Managed Payments” is activated for your eBay account (requires OAuth token, see above)
  • If you are using profiles for shipping or returns, GarageSale will no longer prompt you to select a Payment profile (requires OAuth token, see above)
  • Order section: New context menu entries in the order outline view to change order state (e.g. “shipped”) for selected orders
  • GarageSale will prevent you from starting auction-style listings, when the auto-cancel feature is enabled
  • Attributes window: enabled ‘autocompletes’ option for certain attributes (e.g. ‘Artist’ attribute in LP/Records section)
  • Synching: re-worked conflict algorithm to reduce the number of times the Conflict window appears
  • added AppleScript command to manipulate shipping weights
  • various crash fixes
  • text entered in the “user properties” area of the inspector is now searchable
  • new smart group rule for searching “user properties” content

This changes allow users to group similar listings using the same user property entry, and use smart groups to keep track of such item groups.

Thanks for using GarageSale,
The GarageSale team


Great!! Very useful!! Maybe add a little more spacing between the small/tiny icon and the first digit???

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 10.19.36 PM

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 10.24.10 PM

Works great for Smart Group listings.

Can you allow the “Reveal Original” command from the overview context menu (middle area), for any and all listings, not just Smart Group listings?? Even if the listings did not come from a Smart Group?? This way I can select several listings (by clicking a folder) on the left side, then use the middle area to narrow down the number of selected listings (by using the popup menu or the header to sort listings and select a sub-set), then I could “Reveal Original” to select the new sub-set of listings in the left side listing overview.


Well… This change is not quite working correctly nor taking into account Text Snippets nor expanding them.

Here is my description in GarageSale Editor Mode, all plain text:
With Coal Load.
Knuckle Couplers.
This is Brand New Never Used. It is in New/Excellent condition. See photos of actual item. What You See Is What You Get.

Here is the correct description in eBay desktop from a GarageSale 8.3 generated listing:
Knuckle Couplers.
This is Brand New Never Used. It is in New/Excellent condition. See photos of actual item. What You See Is What You Get.

Here is the description in eBay desktop from GarageSale 8.4a6:
Knuckle Couplers.
This is Brand New Never Used. It is in New/Excellent condition. See photos of actual item. What You See Is What You Get.

{{textblocks.Description_Header}} Knuckle Couplers. {{textblocks.New_Line}} {{textblocks.Description_Start}} This is Brand New Never Used. It is in New/Excellent condition. See photos of actual item. What You See Is What You Get. {{textblocks.Description_Footer}}

Here is the description (mobile summary?) and the “full description” in the eBay Mobile app from GarageSale 8.4a6:


Thanks for reporting, I didn’t think about those placeholders.

Also, do you have a link for that eBay listing for me?

All of my other recent listings (since upgrading to GS 8.4a6) also have the same issue…


Your linked listing seems to be an older one that doesn’t have the “item summary” added. I think you posted the wrong link. This should be the correct one:

Hi Kristian,


Yes, you are correct.


I have GarageSale_8.4a6 on my Mac, 11.5.2 Big Sur, and it worked fine with Alpha 5 until “Ebay Payments” couldn’t be accessed. I can’t refresh my token from preferences. My listings won’t get approved due to the lack of an ebay payment setting.
I updated to Alpha 6 hoping it would fix it but it’s still grayed out. I also restarted and reset anything I could think of.
Any help is appreciated.
PS: I did go back to 8.3.6 to get some items up tonight, no problem going back

Why can’t you refresh your eBay access token? Do you get an error?

With GarageSale 8.4 it’s required to refresh the eBay token as desribed in the “General Notes about GarageSale 8.4” section in the initial post at the top.

Regards, Kristian

In the Alpha version when I go to GS preferences and click to refresh the token it opens the login page for ebay. After I enter my password, that page closes. It does not go to the approval page, as usual.
I tried it multiple times while reopening and refreshing the browser, ebay and GS, It did not get me to the approval page.
When I went back to GS 8.3.6, it worked fine, as it had in the past.

If I am not mistaken that’s exactly how it works with the new authorization method. That extra approval page is no longer required.
In the GarageSale preferences > Accounts it now shows the token expiration date. If you see a date there, your token should be refreshed and fine!

Hope this helps,

But, when I go to start listings,the ebay payments area is faded and not accessible. When trying to verify during “Start Listings” I continued to get the “No payment selected” error. This stopped me in my tracks.

Could you post a screenshot so we can see what you see?
Taking screenshots is done easily:
Press Command-Shift-4 on your keyboard simultaneously, then select an area with the cursor. It will be saved as an image file on your desktop.

Later after work I will add screenshots to this thread. I use GS at home mostly.
UPDATE: I realized that I no longer have the Alpha version loaded to attempt screenshots. Basically after putting in my password on the ebay popup page, it closes and doesn’t show the option to confirm or deny that access.
Back in GS, the option to set payments is grayed out and cannot be clicked on or accessed. If you click “Start Listing” the error comes up as needing to choose a payment option, which I couldn’t.

That’s fine, that’s how it is supposed to work.

That’s fine, too. It’s now reflected in GarageSale, if eBay’s managed payment is used. When using eBay’s managed payment feature you can’t define your own payment options.

That’s odd, you’re right. We’ll have a look at this.

Regards, Kristian

It might be required to renew the eBay token completely:
Remove your eBay account from the GarageSale preferences > Accounts, restart your Mac and then re-add your eBay account in GarageSale 8.4alpha.

If this won’t help, please give this a try:

  1. Quit GarageSale if running.
  2. Open the macOS “Keychain Access” application and enter “GarageSale eBay Account” in the search field. (If you don’t find anything try it with “ebay token”.)
  3. Right-click on the eBay account token in the Keychain and select “Delete”.
  4. If done, restart your Mac, start GarageSale 8.4alpha and add/refresh your eBay access tokens in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts.

Regards, Kristian

I’ll play around this weekend when I have time to explore. I have things to post tonight. Happy to have the 8.3.6 version.
Best to All,

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