GarageSale 8.4 Beta 1 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

the first beta release (a feature complete version for preview and testing) of the upcoming GarageSale 8.4 is available for you from this address:

We initially had more features planned for the 8.4 version, but eBay is now requiring a different kind of access token (OAuth, which is only supported in GarageSale 8.4) for the product search API.

This is forcing us to release a fixed version quickly to all users. Otherwise our users would remain stuck with a broken feature, something we’d like to avoid.

What’s new in this beta (since alpha 11)

  • added check for existence of new OAuth token on startup
  • fixed font size issues in Shipping options panel
  • fixed problems with importing specifics from XML files
  • when GarageSale is already running, images dragged onto its Dock icon will get added to active listing
  • updated German translation

General Notes about GarageSale 8.4

GarageSale 8.4 will be the first GarageSale version that support eBay’s new authorization method (OAuth), which is required to access any of the new APIs that eBay recently released (e.g. getting managed payment status, sending offers to watchers, attaching videos to listings).

Once you refreshed your eBay access token in GarageSale 8.4 from the Accounts section of the Preferences window, GarageSale will be able to ask eBay, if your account has managed payments enabled. If so, it won’t nag you to select a payment method or payment profile anymore.

If you are switching back to GarageSale 8.3.6, after having refreshed your token in GarageSale 8.4, you’ll will need to refresh your token in GS 8.3 once again.

What’s new in GarageSale 8.4

  • fixes “Product Search” feature, which broke through an eBay API change
  • Order section: New context menu entries in the order outline view to change order state (e.g. “shipped”) for selected orders
  • GarageSale will prevent you from starting auction-style listings, when the auto-cancel feature is enabled
  • Attributes window: enabled ‘autocompletes’ option for certain attributes (e.g. ‘Artist’ attribute in LP/Records section)
  • Synching: re-worked conflict algorithm to reduce the number of times the Conflict window appears
  • added AppleScript command to manipulate shipping weights
  • various crash fixes
  • text entered in the “user properties” area of the inspector is now searchable
  • new smart group rule for searching “user properties” content
  • GarageSale generates a ‘mobile summary’ from the first 800 characters of your listing description when uploading listings, which does not include GarageSale’s version identifier string
  • the ‘Reveal Original’ command is available from the overview context menu (middle area) in the listing section
  • the number of images used in a listing is shown in Editor mode
  • added new Preferences settings (under eBay > Advanced) that prevents automatic switching to ‘Live’ view when listings are started
  • ‘Condition description’ attribute can be removed from a listing with the Revise command

This changes allow users to group similar listings using the same user property entry, and use smart groups to keep track of such item groups.

Thanks for using GarageSale,
The GarageSale team

Can I also use the new Reveal Original command on NON-Smart Group items in the middle pane??? That way I can select multiple listings, then narrow down the selection in the middle pane, and then Reveal Original (on one or multiple listings) in the left side outline list to re-select the listings.

Can you allow the “Reveal Original” command from the overview context menu (middle area), for any and all listings, not just Smart Group listings?? Even if the listings did not come from a Smart Group?? This way I can select several listings (by clicking a folder) on the left side, then use the middle area to narrow down the number of selected listings (by using the popup menu or the header to sort listings and select a sub-set), then I could “Reveal Original” to re-select the new sub-set of listings in the left side listing overview.


If I used these tags so far: <div vocab="" typeof="Product"><span property="description">
does that still work with the above mentioned feature?

If not, I have a feature request: in my listings, the summary I would like mobile users to see is typically not in the beginning of the description, possibly not even in the first 800 characters. It would be nice to have some way to select which part is shown as mobile summary. Or (would be preferred by me), make this automatic summary feature optional, at least for those who use HTML descriptions.

The current beta version will add the mobile description div tag without checking if it is already present in your description. Beta 2 will check for the specific line and leave your description alone, if you already entered it manually.

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