GarageSale 8 Public Beta

I have no problem paying extra but will there be additional features and support for eBay motors


I downloaded and installed GarageSale 8 Beta on Thursday, June 8.

Today, Saturday, June 8, it stopped letting me in, because the demo only allows 3 auctions to be uploaded to eBay.

It goes on to say “Please buy a license to unlock GarageSale.”

My question is: the beta version only allows 3 uploads??


All the demo versions do that, since GarageSale 8 is a full upgrade, it is a demo. It is just like if you download the program for the first time, you only get 3 free uploads. I believe you have to purchase the upgrade, and they are crediting your time as a paid beta tester once it comes out of beta.

Okay. I get it. I think…

I don’t need the features in the upgrade and I see no reason to pay for a subscription for features I don’t use. The one time purchase upgrade doesn’t allow for enough monthly listings for me. I will stay with GS 7 for now.
My question is will GS 7 work with the Mac OS Catalina that is due out soon? If not I need to start looking for a new product now. My sales just don’t warrant an expenditure of $150 a year. Please reconsider your pricing plan, I really don’t want to switch to another program.


Same error here. I tried the suggested download by ilja still same error.

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We’d need to take a look at your library file to see why the import fails. Please see the post linked below on how to send you library to us, but use this DropBox link instead for uploading in the last step:

Received an error when trying to compress

What kind of error? Can you post a screenshot?

I was finally able to install the gs8 V44 and now I have the same issue you describe.

I tried to fix the issue with the design template, but it wasn’t successful. I really would like to use my pro template, because we have a store, and now I use a simple one, because I have to upload. Thank you! :blush:

P.S I tried to use the scheduler as usual, I found out it’s disappearing from the tab, and it shows 2009 and so, tried couple of times, sometimes I was seeing it, but after few attempts, I ended uploading manually, it wasn’t executing the listings properly. Also, working on the titles of some listings, couple shipping properties disappeared also, only two or three. I didn’t have time since then to play with it it, but I saw an impressive speed, way better than before, which for me is a huge bonus.

Do you still have the problem that your design from the Design Store does not appear in GarageSale 8?
If so can you please try to re-download the design? To do this select “Show Design Templates” from the Window menu, then click on the cart icon in the toolbar there and enter the transaction ID of the design purchase to re-download your design.

If in doubt, please conatct me or the GarageSale support directly.

Regards, Kristian

Already did, it did not work. I am not sure which transaction ID is the one with the design, but I have all the emails from GS kept in my mail, so I tried all the IDs I have, and nothing happened.

I just sent you a direct message.

Regards, Kristian

Never pleased to have to pay more for an online service but, since I use only Macs and list in excess of 1000 new listings per month, I shall bite the bullet. However, I have two questions :-

(1) Are you introducing a ‘Watermark’ option - if not, why not?

(2) Is the user still limited to 20 images per listing? Reversion to the old unlimited number of images would be great.

P. S. I really like the opportunity to print customisable shipping labels!

Watermarks were outlawed a while by eBay. I assume, because eBay want’s to use your images in the product catalog (which makes no sense for used, one-of-a kind items).

20 is already quite a lot. eBay’s image server only allows 10, if I’m not mistaken. How much would you need?

ebay still allow watermarks, assuming they do not offer business or contact details. My images are of Vintage postcards and photographs of which ebay has no interest.

Frequently, I sell vintage photograph albums of thirty to one hundred pages. I understand I can use an FTP but I am not that computer literate. I spend much of my day trying to make a living and never find time explore the potential of my Macs.

Does pricing for GS8 include GTC image hosting?

Strange, a few years back we were told by eBay to remove any watermarking features from our software. We only included the EPS watermarking checkbox at that time. We’ll have to investigate what the current rules are.

Hundred might be a little much, but increasing to 50 should be doable.

Yes, the GS Pro subscription includes to old GTC image hosting.