GarageSale 9.0 Beta 5 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

The fifth beta version of GarageSale 9 is available for you to download from the link below:

What’s new in Beta 5

  • added workaround for selection issue in outline for pre-macOS 11.0 systems
  • the new ‘tag’ property on listings is are now accessible via AppleScript
  • added experimental ‘evaluate listings’ AppleScript command
  • minor performance improvements

What’s new in GarageSale 9

  • supports eBay’s new API to download attribute and category data, as some of the attribute APIs currently used by GarageSale will be shutdown by eBay
  • you can attach videos to your listings
  • you can send discount offers to watchers of your listings in bulk
  • you can assign colored tags to your listings and orders and filter for tags using smart groups
  • added an SKU generator function for listings and inventory objects
  • right-hand inspector’s width can be changed
  • reports: shipping costs are no longer added to profits if you didn’t fill in ‘actual shipping costs’
  • reports: added ‘Total fee’
  • part fitment information is imported from eBay via the “Import from My eBay” command
  • messages received eBay’s messages system can be flagged
  • the ‘read’ state of eBay messages is now transmitted to eBay
  • you can now import items from GarageSale Scout, GarageSale’s iOS companion app, as inventory items
  • a listing’s variations can be manipulated via AppleScript
  • downloads and displays fee for usage of eBay’s payment service
  • the Font size of Outline View can be adjusted (through System Preferences)
  • new preference settings brings up panel for inserting specific attributes into new listings
    Orders section: replaced “Feedback Left” checkbox with “Leave Feedback” button, when no feedback was left yet
  • GarageSale will show a warning when you are trying to open 10 or more listing links in your browser
  • Listing section: shipping options strings shows dimensions and weight when calculated shipping is used
  • Orders section: added context menu item to change sort order for subsequent sort commands
  • Listing preview: return policy label updates correctly when return policy changed
  • image upload operations show the name of associated listing in the ‘Activity’ window

Running GS 9 and switching back to GS 8

Since GarageSale 9 uses a different application identifier, you’ll need to grant it access to each eBay token in your Mac’s keychain. When the system displays such a permission panel, please click the ‘Always Allow’ button if available.

GarageSale 9 will copy all your data from GarageSale 7 or 8 into its own library folder. In case you are encountering problems you can always switch back to GS 7/8 and continue were you left off before switching to GS9.
You’d need to use the GarageSale’s import/export functions to bring back listings changed or created with GS9 into your earlier version of GarageSale.


GarageSale 9 uses a different data schema compared to previous versions. When GarageSale 9 connects to the sync server for the first time, your account is upgraded to this new schema version.
Afterwards, earlier version of GarageSale can longer connect to the sync server.

Licensing during Beta phase

For now, GarageSale 9 Beta will accept existing GarageSale 8 licenses.


The costs for upgrading from an earlier version of GarageSale to version 9 are USD/EUR 14.99 for the single user license. If you purchased your license for GarageSale 8 after August 1st, 2021, your upgrade will be free.

GarageSale Pro subscribers don’t need to pay any upgrade fees to use GS 9.

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.12 or later

I just upgraded to 9.0b5, from 8.4.1 using macOS 12.2.1 on a iMac (24-inch, M1, 2021).

The upgrade took about 5 minutes for my BIG database. Not bad. Although there was no progress indicator movement during most of the upgrade. And the red-close box had an X in it DURING the upgrade. See photo.

There is no “Beta” version badge on the Dock icon, not the disk image app icon.

What is the AuctionWebArchives folder?? As mine is 9.1GB and contains 3486 .webarchive files dating back to February 2018.

Bug: Select a listing, quit app, launch app, left list scrolls to show location of last selected listing, and center pane shows last selected listing, BUT left list does NOT have last selected listing selected (NO selection in left list). See photos.

BUG: When I switch from the listings pane to the Inventory pane, then switch back to the Listings pane, my right-hand inspector third column is gone!!! Happens every time.

“• added an SKU generator function for listings and inventory objects”

What is this???

BUG: Selecting a folder in the left side listings pane, used to select all the listings in the middle pane. Now, I have to goto the middle pane and select all… Wait. I think was only the case if the folder was “closed”???

WOW!! My initial test shows AppleScript performance speed is WAY improved!! I used to get 3-4-5 listings per second, now I’m getting 39-40 listings per second. At least, on my one test script! I’ll do more testing… But… BIG, HUGH improvement!!! Fantastic!

Just scrolling up and down in the left-hand listings list is slow and has many “stalls”… And even clicking on a listing has a one second “pause” before the listing is hilighted. Nothing showing/happening in the Activity Viewer. Even doing a command-H to hide the app has a 1 second or so delay…

Even select a listing, click on the “Edit Tags” button in the toolbar, take 1+ second for the popup menu to show up.

The Accounts Preference pane list wording is getting truncated. See photos.

The eBay New Listings Preference pane now has a scrollbar???

Nice Job!


Listing selected:

Quit app, reopen app (listing not selected in list, although showing as selected):

Accounts Preference pane list wording is truncated (v8.4.1, then v9.0b5):

eBay New Listings Preference pane now has a scrollbar, but nothing below???


OK. Been using 9.0b5 for a while today…

It just seems a bit/a lot “sluggish” doing anything/everything… It is just not “responsive”. Even just “clicking” take nearly a second to respond. Any debugging code left in there???

Duplicate and item, and drag and drop it and the whole left-side listings list will move up or down by several listings… Not sure why??? I’ll try to come up with a good test case…

Shouldn’t these 2 items (Category 1, and Attributes) be “left-justified”, like all the other items???

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 6.08.17 PM

This sounds like the issue they have been working on for me. See 9.0b3 for my videos.
They got rid of the search “jump” but the new behavior you are experiencing is slightly diminished with b5 over the b3 and b4 versions

Thank you for the feedback! We added it to the to do list.

The new SKU generator function for listings and inventory objects allows you to generate SKUs for multiple selected items in bulk. Just right-click on a group or a selection of items and select the Generate SKUs command.

This opens the SKU generator where you can define the desired SKU scheme and also get an instant preview of your settings:

Regards, Kristian

My mistake. I just checked.

Selecting either an open or a closed, either a folder or Smart Group, in both 8.4.1 and 9.0b5, and in all cases do NOT select any items, and result in 0 items selected in the middle pane.

Sorry. My Bad.

Every time I click on a listing, the Condition popup shows “Downloading…” for at least a second or so.

Here are some movie examples of the listings list excess jumping and scrolling unnesscarily when dragging and dropping items. v8.4.1 did not do this. Some times the drop-location changes, and sometimes the list moves by just one line, and sometimes the whole list moves up or down. Seems like it moves by the number of items being dropped.

See new topic: GarageSale 9.0 Beta 5 Drag and Drop movies


Does it REALLY need to download the Condition for every listing on every click??? Or can it just do it only the first time???

And this “Downloading…” is blocking/stalling the current drag-and-drop…


This should only be for new categories. The data should be cached then. On my machine I had to search for a listing with a category with unknown condition and it only takes less than a minute to update.

Do you still encounter this? Which macOS version do you use? Can you reproduce this with every listing or just with some or a specific one?

When you manually open the inspector (not with the toolbar button) and resize the window, can you prevent this from happening?

As this may have something to do with your preferences not get saved properly, can you try to restart your Mac?


Fixed in 9.0b8.


This seems to be Fixed in 9.0b8


Fixed, mostly… Now says “eB…”
Screen Shot 2022-02-25 at 4.59.49 PM

Fixed in 9.0b8.


Nope. This seems to be Fixed in 9.0b8

using macOS 12.2.1 on a iMac (24-inch, M1, 2021).

It happened with every/any listing.

Yes. That is what I was doing, manually. (forgot about the toggle toolbar button)

Yep, had restarted the iMac a few times for other unrelated reasons, and also quit/re-opened the app.

Anyway, seems fixed now.

Makes sense.

Makes sense.

OK. I’ll make a movie. This happens for “Condition” of “Not supported” when “Category 1” is “blank/empty”. The “downloading” only take 1-2 seconds, but happens every time the listing is selected on certain listings. For these listings, the “result” is NOT cached… Simply use the up/down arrow to move between these 3 listings and you should see the blocking and “downloading” on each and every keystroke.

Here are some exported listings.
Exported (10.5 KB)
30 Exported (100.3 KB)

And 2 movies…

Screen Recording 2022-02-25 at 7.01.26 PM
Screen Recording 2022-02-25 at 7.03.20 PM


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