GarageSale 9.2.1 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 9.2.1 is now available for download from this URL:

What’s new in GarageSale 9.2.1

  • fixed a bug introduced in GS 9.2 that prevented store categories from being set to “None”
  • improved display of package dimensions summary using decimals
  • buyer addresses can be added to the user’s contacts on macOS Ventura again (Apple finally enabled us to download a developer certificate that allows editing the user’s contacts)

What’s new in GarageSale 9.2

  • starting in January 2023, eBay will require third-party clients to cryptographically sign certain API requests. GarageSale 9.2 implements these new requirements.
  • added a ‘Number of Views’ smart group rule in the Listings section
  • the ‘Select eBay Video’ command is always available from the preview context menu
  • the Attributes panel no longer sorts suggested values alphabetically when they only consist of numbers (e.g. shoe sizes)
  • new [[attribute.values]] keyword lets you include values for multi-value attributes in your description
  • improved multi-selection behavior for duration, store categories, and condition popups in inspector
  • improved re-selection behavior after changes to trigger smart group updates
  • improved performance when pasting ‘Design Setting’ component into multiple listings
  • can import item attributes with multiple values from CSV files
    • values need to be separated by a | character
    • the eBay category needs to support multiple values for the imported attribute
  • extended JavaScript commands to manipulate and delete variations
  • added new icon in Listing outline view when both, auto-restart and auto-cancel, are enabled
  • fixed a bug that prevented listing from being auto-canceled, if they were created by auto-canceling and auto-restarting another listing
  • removed the ‘Add To Address Book’ command on macOS Ventura because of Apple bugs
  • fixed cosmetic issues with the number badges with the account’s window toolbar
  • files with suffix “.tsv” can be imported using GarageSale’s CSV importer
  • various performance improvements


If you already own a license for GarageSale 9, version 9.2 is a free update. GarageSale Pro subscribers don’t need to pay any upgrade fees

The costs for upgrading from an earlier version of GarageSale to version 9 are USD/EUR 19.99 for the single user license. If you purchased your license for GarageSale 8 after August 1st, 2021, your upgrade will be free.

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.12 or later

Thanks for using GarageSale,

  1. The GarageSale team

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