GarageSale 9.4 Beta 11 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

Beta 11 of GarageSale 9.4 is now available for download from this URL or via the built-in updater:

What’s new in this beta

  • stability improvements

What’s new in GarageSale 9.4

New Features

  • on macOS 13, GarageSales uses the System’s new and improved media browser window, which provides quicker and more comprehensive integration with the Photos app
  • listing attributes can be edited in directly Preview mode
  • will not display listings fees in the ‘Launch Control’ window for private sellers on eBay Germany
  • shipping services can be accessed through JavaScript, allowing for [custom validation rules] in the ‘Launch Control’ window (Validating scripts when launching listings)
  • Launch Control Window: can start listings, even if some listings received errors during verification
  • Preview: attribute area visually now even more similar to eBay page
  • Preview: Changes to location details are now reflected properly

Performance Improvements

  • faster smart group updates

Bug fixes

  • fixed tab restoration after selection change in inspector
  • SKU Generator: the ‘Start Value’ field on subsequent invocations takes ‘Step size’ into account

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Kristian, Paul, and Ilja

If you aren’t aware, USPS will be changing some of its services: It would be great if you could get these updated before the release of 9.4 since they begin July 9th.

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Do you know if these new services are already available on the eBay website? (when starting a new listing there)

Reproducible Beachball while selecting Reveal Original…

Sample and SpinDump below. Yea, over 19000 listings selected… :frowning:

Neal (842.6 KB)

Oops. this is better info

We cant make changes to our business policies until July 9 when the changes occur. They are merging first class and parcel and ground

26 listings were just automatically relisted by GS beta 11 with no problems

In Books category, editing Publication Year attribute in preview mode does not save. IMHO, also this attribute should be a text box (this is how eBay does it on the website). It’s too much to scroll through so many options.

Same thing with other fields such as Book Title. Not not sure this issue is happening all the time.

Also, can we get the same behaviour as the old way of editing attributes with Return key and Tab key? For example Return Key when editing a field should save the data and select it as it does currently the old way. Tab key should tab to the next field.

I’m unable to start any of my prepared listings in Beta 11. They start fine under the current official release. 9.4 Beta 11 is the first beta I have tried.

I just tried it here in both Preview mode and directly in the Attributes popover and for me changing the Publication Year attribute always worked without a problem.
Can you maybe document the issue with a short screen recording so we can see what you are doing?

Also, in that long list you can jump to a specific year by typing e.g. “19”. (still a lot to scroll, true)

This currently only works in the Attribute popover so you might want to work there.

Do you get an error message? Could you post me a screenshot of the Launch Control window?

I was assuming they’d be live before 9.4 is out of beta.

According to ebay we cant make changes to business policies until July 9

It’s July 7 and I just updated business policies on eBay and the changes took. The ground advantage isn’t on the dropdown menu list but I could update the change and GS downloaded the updated info.


Good to hear it gets pulled down. Thanks for the update.

Sorry for the delay in response, both these issues seem to be OK for me now in Beta 12. Still would be nice to not have to deal with the dropdown for Publication Year but it’s working better now.

Good that it gets pulled down, but now that we’e officially in the Ground Advantage era, when can we expect it to be added to dropdown for new listings?


there are no additional shipping options currently available in the API. As soon as there are new shipping options available we will add them to the metadata that GarageSale automatically downloads (when restarted). Currently we are waiting for an answer from the eBay Dev Support team about this.


Thanks Paul, hopefully it will be soon!

From what I read in the ebay information they say to choose parcel post or first class and the listings will automatically have Ground Advantage chosen as the method of shipping. It looks to me like the rollout of Ground Advantage by USPS took most people unprepared and now everyone has to catch up