GarageSale 9.4 Beta 7 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

The second seventh version of GarageSale 9.4 is now available for download from this URL or via the built-in updater:

What’s new in this beta

  • Launch Control Window: can start listings, even if some listings received errors during verification (cc @Tobias)
  • SKU Generator: the ‘Start Value’ field on subsequent invocations takes ‘Step size’ into account (cc @Vaguery)
  • more performance improvements when duplicating items

What’s new in GarageSale 9.4

New Features

  • on macOS 13, GarageSales uses the System’s new and improved media browser window, which provides quicker and more comprehensive integration with the Photos app
  • listing attributes can be edited in directly Preview mode
  • will not display listings fees in the ‘Launch Control’ window for private sellers on eBay Germany
  • shipping services can be accessed through JavaScript, allowing for [custom validation rules] in the ‘Launch Control’ window (Validating scripts when launching listings)

Performance Improvements

  • faster smart group updates

Bug fixes

  • fixed tab restoration after selection change in inspector

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Kristian, Paul, and Ilja

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I just did a batch of 20 lists with this new Beta 7. I started from a smart group file with 20 and seemed blazing fast. Maybe just a early AM fast server but seems to be a speedy upload to eBay. Verifying took 1 second and upload was 33 seconds


I think we lost the copy settings and paste settings function that was added for the “item specifics” in the beta 7 version. So I went back to 9.4b2 and cant find it there either. Was I imagining it?

It seems I found a larger Bug. Revise listing doesn’t function. It just sits there. I restarted GS. Same thing. Ended the listing and started it fine. But revise listing still sticks and cancel button is greyed out. So I went back to 9.4b2 and GS revised it fast. Went back to 9.4b7 and still sticks or hangs

Yea, I noticed this too… For me it was the Relist Listing. Happened several times, but not every time. I’m using eBay USA.

For me, closing the Launch Control window and Clicking Relist Listing again and it worked like normal.

I’ll get an Activity Window screen shot and Sample the next time it happens…


It should still be there.
Bildschirmfoto 2023-06-13 um 08.58.42

This is what mine looks like… :man_shrugging:


In the “Add Detail” menu in the popover there are no “Copy/Paste Settings” commands.

You find these in the “+” button next to “Item Specifics” in the Preview as shown in my screenshot. (Added there by user request :slight_smile:


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:man_facepalming: Click the +! Duh. Sorry, Brain wasn’t working right. I was clicking on everything but the +

Ah… There they are…

Can they be added to the “other” Add Detail" menu also???


This should be fixed in beta 8.

In our defense, the eBay sandbox testing was not letting us list new listings until it was finally fixed today, so we couldn’t fully test all aspects of the changed Launch Control window.

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Beta 8 revises listings now. Thanks for your work in keeping GS up to date and adding new features.

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