GarageSale 9.4 Beta 9 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

The second ninth beta version of GarageSale 9.4 is now available for download from this URL or via the built-in updater:

What’s new in this beta

  • performance improvements
  • fixed cosmetic issues in Launch Control panels

What’s new in GarageSale 9.4

New Features

  • on macOS 13, GarageSales uses the System’s new and improved media browser window, which provides quicker and more comprehensive integration with the Photos app
  • listing attributes can be edited in directly Preview mode
  • will not display listings fees in the ‘Launch Control’ window for private sellers on eBay Germany
  • shipping services can be accessed through JavaScript, allowing for [custom validation rules] in the ‘Launch Control’ window (Validating scripts when launching listings)
  • Launch Control Window: can start listings, even if some listings received errors during verification

Performance Improvements

  • faster smart group updates

Bug fixes

  • fixed tab restoration after selection change in inspector
  • SKU Generator: the ‘Start Value’ field on subsequent invocations takes ‘Step size’ into account

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Kristian, Paul, and Ilja

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Seems improved but difficult to tell how much since I have the “Use multiple connections” option checked.This makes GS jump around and upload in random order. That has a direct effect on the progress bars.

This was about 2 days ago when Smart Group contents with a Rule of ???“Days Remaining < 10” occasionally show up (when Smart group evaluation??) and then the contents disappear. And even opening the Smart Group window and clicking OK does not bring them back.

And when they do show up, it is a day or 2 after they should, notice the Days Remaining…

And the last listing does not show up at all in the Smart Group…


Now today, again, the Smart Group contents with a Rule of ???“Days Remaining < 10” just showed up (when Smart group evaluation??) but not right away when they should have several days ago.

And when they do show up it is a day or 2 after they should, Notice the Days Remaining is 4 days,9 hours and this was the first time these listings showed up even though the Rule says Days Remaining < 10…

AND just now they disappeared again!! See last photo.


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I wonder if the view count is not always getting updated correctly??? Now when I look at some of the listings that showed up then disappeared, they have several or dozens of views (in both GS and on eBay). Even though they showed up in the Smart Group show 0 for a view count… :man_shrugging:

NOW, I THINK it is the view count that sometimes is getting set to 0 when it should not be zero…


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Maybe eBay is messing with the viewCount field once again. :thinking: Sometimes you get it, and sometimes you you don’t?

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OK… Got it!

Just happened again. Momentarily… Seems that the View Count is temporarily getting set to 0 in GarageSale, while it is still <> 0 on the eBay website!!

The GarageSale view count is only staying at 0 for a “short” period of time… until the next Smart Group update??? Or the next time GS does an “Update Orders and Listings:”???


Every day I knock off 30 the shortest time until renewal on ebay. It is anywhere in the few hours to 7 days left on the listings. Every day when I check the smart group to pick the next 30 there are always at least 5 or so that are in the smart group that are a less than a day until renewal. I assumed it was because every 30 days ebay dumps the watcher and view counts to 0 and those listings start over again from 0, under the new counting rules that was announced earlier this year or late last year.

I probably know what’s going on by now.

I optimized smart group performance for the past few beta versions, so it skips creating lightweight “stand-in” objects for listing. These “stand-in” objects are now only created, if they are actually needed (e.g. a smart group is expanded and the listing becomes visible in the outline view.)

Without these “stand-in” objects, the mechanism that watches for changes in tables belonging to other objects, e.g the ones that keeps track of a listing’s hit count, is broken. Thus, hit count changes go unnoticed and the listing index, which is used to evaluate smart groups, is never correctly updated.

Right now thinking about a good fix for this problem. Sorry for the extra fuzz…

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Could you please check if the situation improves with Beta 10?

I have 1 smart group that has an issue. That one has only 1 criteria, variations. Listings are all duplicated and when I click reveal original I get “inconsistencies detected” box
Screen Shot 2023-06-27 at 9.35.04 PM
GS cant fix the problem with the “fix” box.
There are 6 smart groups that had a wrong count(off by only a few) when I double click and hit ok

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