GarageSale 9.4 Feature Request

My Deleted Listings folder now contains over 111,000+ listings. And 24,000+ orders.

I would like a Preference popup menu, (like the Finder, Mail, Photos, Messages) for the Deleted Listings and Orders folders, Auto-Delete Empty-Trash:

Remove Listings from Deleted Listings folder: Never, After 1 Year, After 6 Months, After 3 Months, After 1 Month

Sometimes… I DO need to look back 3-6 months, since eBay nor eMail keeps history that long, but not more than 6 months.

Would also decrease size of database and speed up searches and reduce disk space used by old unused photos (I now have 207,000+ photos in my ImageLibrary folder).

Anyone else???


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Yes, it would be a good thing to automate. I typically only throw away listings that I’ve ended manually and restarted already (which I do for a random subset of listings daily), so there is nothing in the Trash here that I ever need to keep.

At the moment, since it is only rarely that I need to refer to old listings (as opposed to transactions), and never need to look at deleted ones, I have a periodic reminder to

  1. save all Sold listings to individual gs files on disk
  2. delete them from GarageSale
  3. empty the GS Trash

It’s really quite rare that the Orders table gets full for me, but it seems there’s a lot less information stored there, since it’s mainly references to listings?

In the few instances where I’ve had to refer to an archived listing, I can usually find it with Spotlight by searching for the listing’s title in the full text of the GS file in Finder, and then I can re-load it manually back into GarageSale. Which is why I always save the listings as individual files; if I didn’t, I’d need to re-import a whole pile.

That’s a good idea. In case anyone here doesn’t know how to do this:
To export each selected listing to a separate file, hold down the option/alt key while invoking the “Export Listings” command.

Yes I think maybe you added that when I asked long ago :slight_smile:

An added feature, if anyone is asking, would be a “collapse all” button to the menu bar so I don’t have to spend so much time scrolling up to the top after GS gets done relisting and opening all my folders. I know I can hit option and the close arrow but I still have to go all the way up to the top to get to the main opened folder

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Yes again, and same. Another under “handling large database UX” header :slight_smile:

Similar: When I search for listings, and find a dozen hits, and make a change to one of them, and then cancel the search, I do not ever ever want the entire dozen selected from my collection of listings. Many times the search will find some deleted ones, and some running ones, and some pending ones, and this ends up opening all the folders and selecting all the search hits.

that is: When I do a search, and get multiple listing hits:

  • If I click or double click on one result line I want to open that listing, so it should remain selected when I cancel search;
  • If I select multiple result lines, it’s because I want to drag them all somewhere, or edit their attributes, so they should remain selected when I cancel the search
  • but many times I do a search and do not want any of the results selected; there should be a way to deselect all results when I cancel the search. At the moment, at least one item is always selected when a search is cancelled (the first result)

Do you ever get this odd behavior? A search yields 2 possibilities for the same listing, One goes no where and the other goes to the listing you want when you click “reveal original”. Sometimes this list has blanks that go to the GS default listing others just jump to no when in particular down the files.

That’s odd! I do not.

Are the blank ones possibly in your trash folder?

My trash is emptied daily. In the search grabbed below, The green highlighted bring up the identical listing but “reveal original” goes nowhere in the first and to the listing in the second one. All these duplicates clog up searches and are annoying as you can imagine because I have to do the search all over and choose the 2nd but sometimes its the 1st one. I cant duplicate the blank listing behavior

Maybe it helps to let GarageSale re-index your database.

Please give this a try:

  1. Start GarageSale and immediately click and hold down the ctrl-key.

  2. A small window should appear allowing you to enable “debug options”.

  3. Select “Rebuild Indexes” and hit Continue.

  4. Give GarageSale some time to startup.

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That didn’t change the search results. Still get 2 and one is a dead link that goes to no listing

Although I do not use the deleted folder in the same way that you do, anything that automates is a winner.

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