GarageSale 9.6 Beta 10 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

the tenth beta version of GarageSale 9.6 is now available for download from this URL:

What’s new in Beta 10

  • added ‘order date’ as sorting option for order smart groups
  • added ‘start time’ as sorting option for listing smart groups
  • listing overview mode uses ‘eBay gallery’ image instead of listing’s first image
  • fixed several ‘validate…’ commands for updating outline view context menu

What’s new in Beta 9

  • fixes a crash occurring when several smart group rules with relative dates (e.g.days remaining, days since start) were combined in the same smart group
  • fixed wrong title for “Delete Smart Groups” command when multiple smart groups are selected

What’s new in Beta 8

  • empty smart groups can be duplicated
  • additional fixes for new ‘Days Since Start’ smart group rule

What’s new in Beta 7

  • smart groups can be duplicated
  • added warning when deleting smart groups to prevent accidental deletion
  • fixed ‘Bold’ button in Preview mode’s formatting toolbar
  • improved check mark image in Lauch Control for better Dark Mode appearance
  • fixed recognition of changed ‘reply to’-links in eBay Message to eBay GarageSale’s reply window

What’s new in Beta 6

  • fixed bugs in the new 'Days Since Start" smart group features

What’s new in Beta 5

  • added a new ‘Days Since Start’ smart group rule for listings

What’s new in Beta 4

  • added ‘startDate’ to listing JavaScript commands (this time for real)
  • fixed Dark Mode issues in JavaScript editor

What’s new in Beta 4

  • added ‘startDate’ to listing JavaScript commands (this time for real)
  • fixed Dark Mode issues in JavaScript editor

What’s new in Beta 3

  • Link Listing command: improved handling of listings with non-ascii characters in their title
  • the ‘Apply current Changes from eBay’ command can import missing images from eBay
  • added ‘startDate’ to listing JavaScript commands
  • fixed a crash when using the ‘Paste’ command in the return policy panel

What’s new in Beta 2

  • added ‘watchers’ and ‘views’ to listing JavaScript commands

What’s new in GarageSale 9.6

  • new ‘Insert Link To Listing…’ feature (see below)
  • displays eBay avatar images for seller accounts
  • added keyboard shortcuts for image rotation commands in Editor mode
  • improved eBay fee preview on eBay Germany
  • increased feedback comment length to 500 characters

Insert link to listings feature

GarageSale 9.6 adds a new “linkToListing” command to its macro language. If you put in {{linkToListing_Listing_Name}} into your description, GarageSale will replace this command with a link to the linked listing when uploading your listing to eBay.

There’s also a little panel that helps you select other listings and putting the command in your description.

Screen Recording (GarageSale)

You can press the control and option keys in preview to see how the link will look like when uploaded to eBay.

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Kristian, Ilja, and Paul

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This cancel button does not work. The only way to cancel is hit the red button in upper left corner.

The start time order has no effect on the listing order in this smart group.

This cancel button is far canceling an ongoing listing or relisting operation. It will get active, when you click the “Revise Listing” button.


Where did you check the order, in the outline view or in the overview (middle part of the window). If the later, the smart groups sort order will get overwritten by sort of the table view.

Try ‘View’ menu > ‘Reset Overview Sort Order’ to remove column sorting from the overview.

Ok, That resets it now.

I am not seeing this option in the list.

The ‘Order Date’ is not a smart group rule. Please look further down in the Sorting popup menu.

Also, make sure you are in Order Mode.

  • added ‘order date’ as sorting option for order smart groups

That helps :man_facepalming:. I gave up looking. It would be a nice option in the smart group menu tho

Everything is working Good for me!!

Have a Great Weekend!

This beta tooks like a good release candidate!

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Thanks, but since we won’t get translations in time for a release early next week, we probably will do a few little tweaks and aim for a release in early 2024.


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