GarageSale 9.6 Beta 13 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

Beta 13 of GarageSale 9.6 is now available for download from this URL:

What’s new in Beta 13

  • updated Preview to better match the look of eBay’s latest website changes
  • location settings can be opened from package details window
  • location and package settings can be opened from Preview

What’s new in Beta 12

  • the zip code from your listing’s location settings (‘Advanced’ tab in the Inspector) is now used for calculating shipping rates when using calculated shipping

What’s new in Beta 11

  • added ‘Days Since Order Received’ smart group rule in the Orders section

What’s new in Beta 10

  • added ‘order date’ as sorting option for order smart groups
  • added ‘start time’ as sorting option for listing smart groups
  • listing overview mode uses ‘eBay gallery’ image instead of listing’s first image
  • fixed several ‘validate…’ commands for updating outline view context menu

What’s new in Beta 9

  • fixes a crash occurring when several smart group rules with relative dates (e.g.days remaining, days since start) were combined in the same smart group
  • fixed wrong title for “Delete Smart Groups” command when multiple smart groups are selected

What’s new in Beta 8

  • empty smart groups can be duplicated
  • additional fixes for new ‘Days Since Start’ smart group rule

What’s new in Beta 7

  • smart groups can be duplicated
  • added warning when deleting smart groups to prevent accidental deletion
  • fixed ‘Bold’ button in Preview mode’s formatting toolbar
  • improved check mark image in Lauch Control for better Dark Mode appearance
  • fixed recognition of changed ‘reply to’-links in eBay Message to eBay GarageSale’s reply window

What’s new in Beta 6

  • fixed bugs in the new 'Days Since Start" smart group features

What’s new in Beta 5

  • added a new ‘Days Since Start’ smart group rule for listings

What’s new in Beta 4

  • added ‘startDate’ to listing JavaScript commands (this time for real)
  • fixed Dark Mode issues in JavaScript editor

What’s new in Beta 4

  • added ‘startDate’ to listing JavaScript commands (this time for real)
  • fixed Dark Mode issues in JavaScript editor

What’s new in Beta 3

  • Link Listing command: improved handling of listings with non-ascii characters in their title
  • the ‘Apply current Changes from eBay’ command can import missing images from eBay
  • added ‘startDate’ to listing JavaScript commands
  • fixed a crash when using the ‘Paste’ command in the return policy panel

What’s new in Beta 2

  • added ‘watchers’ and ‘views’ to listing JavaScript commands

What’s new in GarageSale 9.6

  • new ‘Insert Link To Listing…’ feature (see below)
  • displays eBay avatar images for seller accounts
  • added keyboard shortcuts for image rotation commands in Editor mode
  • improved eBay fee preview on eBay Germany
  • increased feedback comment length to 500 characters

Insert link to listings feature

GarageSale 9.6 adds a new “linkToListing” command to its macro language. If you put in {{linkToListing_Listing_Name}} into your description, GarageSale will replace this command with a link to the linked listing when uploading your listing to eBay.

There’s also a little panel that helps you select other listings and putting the command in your description.

Screen Recording (GarageSale)

You can press the control and option keys in preview to see how the link will look like when uploaded to eBay.

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Kristian, Ilja, and Paul


Very nice update to entering weight and package size. This will be a much improved user experience. Thanks!


Could a “RETURN” be added to the title line? I am running out of screen space when editing a title with 80 characters. Yes, It does resize to a smaller font but it jumps to different font sizes and when the 80/80 is at the end it over runs the characters making the title partly obscured. Ebay actually adds 2 return to long titles with 80 characters. This would also make GS 9.6b13 look even more like the ebay web page. After upload this title has 2 returns in it.

This is what it looks like on ebay.
Screen Shot 2024-01-22 at 3.00.27 PM

Having line breaks in the title field would be great, I know. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it might seem and would add a lot of complexity.
I can’t promise anything, but I will take another look at it.

Anyways, did you already notice that the full title is shown in a tooltip if you hover your mouse over the title?

I think I found a workable way to make the title show all 80 characters. I made the GS pane wider than my 27" iMac screen shows and let the sides of the GS panel run off screen and the far edges or margins aren’t shown. The title is more important than the margins at the edges of the GS panel. The tooltip hover doesn’t run in real time but with a few second delay that disappears if I make an edit to the title

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@rlmartin It’s not final yet but in a future update the title field could break the text if running out of space and could have multiple lines, like this:


Also, you can use the tab key to quickly jump from one option to the other:


This works with item specifics, as well: