GarageSale 9.6 Beta 5 Smart Group editor crash

I have a Smart Group shown below in the photo.
Yea, yea, yea, I know it is a strange Smart Group…

The movie shows opening the Smart Group, and click cancel or hit escape key closes Smart Group. Good.

  1. Open Group, click OK button. Button hilights for a second then unhilights and does nothing. From this point on, the window can not be closed. Clicking Cancel or OK button does nothing, hitting escape key or return key does nothing. GarageSale must be force-quit. Bad.

  2. Open Group, press return key. Application Crash. Crash Log below.


GS Crash (11.9 KB)

Screen Recording (GarageSale)

Maybe its the days until cancel less than 0 and greater than 0? GS can’t compute both?

I THINK it has to do with the last 2 rules. This smart group worked fine until I added the 2 “Days Since Start” rules…


This is still a problem in GS9.6b8. See movie above. If I have the “Days Since Start is less than 0” rule, I can not close the Smart Group window. I have removed the “Days Since Start is 0” rule.


I finally figured this one out. The bug was caused by combining ‘Days Until Auto Completion’ and ‘Days Since Start’ rules in the same predicate. Those rules need to be dynamically re-written to match the entries in the database for the current time, and the code which does that didn’t expect a combination of such rules. :man_facepalming:

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Changing the bottom Smart Group rule to “Title is @DaysSinceStart < 0” works ok, and allows me to dismiss the window.


All the crashes I was having with 9.6b5 are gone and everything is working good with 9.6b8… :crossed_fingers:


I believe b8 still is buggy for certain smart groups, but your title rule is probably evaluated first, so prevented GS to execute a bad code path.

The good part about this is I can go to be now and don’t need worry worry about you having no functional copy of GS for the reminder of the day. :wink:

I DO still see this reproducible issue in 9.6b8 when Stopping and Starting listings that are in open Smart Groups:


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