GarageSale 9.6 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 9.6 (final release) is now available for download from this URL or the built-in updater:

What’s new In GarageSale 9.6


  • new ‘Insert Link To Listing…’ command lets you add links to other listings to your description
  • displays eBay avatar images for seller accounts
  • the zip code from your listing’s location settings (‘Advanced’ tab in the Inspector) is now used for calculating shipping rates when using calculated shipping
  • improved eBay fee preview on eBay Germany


  • updated Preview to better match the look of eBay’s latest website changes
  • location settings can be opened from package details window
  • location and package settings can be opened from Preview
  • fixed ‘Bold’ button in Preview mode’s formatting toolbar

Smart Groups

  • added a new ‘Days Since Start’ smart group rule for listings
  • added ‘Days Since Order Received’ smart group rule in the Orders section
  • smart groups can be duplicated
  • added ‘Order Date’ as sorting option for order smart groups
  • added ‘Start Time’ as sorting option for listing smart groups
  • added warning when deleting smart groups to prevent accidental deletion


  • added ‘startDate’ to listing JavaScript commands
  • fixed Dark Mode issues in JavaScript editor
  • added ‘watchers’ and ‘views’ to listing JavaScript commands


  • listing overview mode uses ‘eBay gallery’ image instead of listing’s first image
  • fixed wrong title for “Delete Smart Groups” command when multiple smart groups are selected
  • improved check mark image in Lauch Control for better Dark Mode appearance
  • fixed recognition of changed ‘reply to’-links in eBay Message to eBay GarageSale’s reply window
  • the ‘Apply current Changes from eBay’ command can import missing images from eBay
  • increased feedback comment length to 500 characters

Insert link to listings feature

GarageSale 9.6 adds a new “linkToListing” command to its macro language. If you put in {{linkToListing_Listing_Name}} into your description, GarageSale will replace this command with a link to the linked listing when uploading your listing to eBay.

There’s also a little panel that helps you select other listings and putting the command in your description.

Screen Recording (GarageSale)

You can press the control and option keys in preview to see how the link will look like when uploaded to eBay.

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Kristian, Ilja, and Paul


Awesome, congrats on the new release!



Thanks for always evolving the app while not making drastic changes just to make changes.

Your changes are always tweaks and not major overhauls. If iwascoding was a big corporation they would start making drastic changes to the interface just to justify salaries so thanks for keeping the app still about the same, speed is so valuable when working with an app and not making constant drastic changes really is great and really valuable to us end consumers.

We wouldn’t be able to sell the volume and various items we do without GS. So thank you.


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