GarageSale 9.8 Alpha 1 Released

Dear GarageSale Users,

GarageSale 9.8 Alpha 1 (a very early development release) is now available for download from this URL:

What’s new in GarageSale 9.8

  • text blocks can contain macro language commands, like [[item.title]]
  • the macro command [[item.conditionDescription]] is correctly expanded when used in the description
  • the status of the toolbar item in the listing sections gets updated after ending a running listing

Thanks for using GarageSale,
Kristian, Ilja, and Paul


Unfortunately I cannot use this version. It crashes immediately as soon as I try to launch application…


do you get any message with a crash report that you can send us?


Hi Paul,
yes, didn’t you receive it automatically? I reinstalled the previous version, I am quite worried it might somehow corrupt the database if I use again this alpha version…

What macOS version are you running?

We upgraded to a different crash reporting system in GarageSale 9.8, because the one we’ve been using so far (AppCenter) is being discontinued. So there’s a chance that the new crash reporter is the cause of the crash, so we probably won’t get any reports in that case

Hi Ilja,
on this Mac I am using 12.3.1 . Let me know if you didn’t receive it.


I wouldn’t have asked for the crash report if I already received it. If you get the crash immediately, there is no chance for GarageSale to send it to our (new) platform.

You may find the crash report in one of the folder


without trying out the alpha version again.


Hi Paul,
I see, I found them. I will send you dropbox link now.

there is still a bug with attributes in this alpha.
With those attributes for which ebay offers a fixed list of values, there is no way to empty the value in the preview page. But if you delete the content opening the pop-up in right side column, then the attribute disappear. Check video HERE . Maybe it depends on the type of attribute, but this is the only way to remove value into those attributes with fixed choices.
Let me know if you need me to export the listing.

Thank you

You are referring to attributes like “Materia” that don’t allow you to enter a custom value (or delete the value) directly in Preview mode but whose values can be customized when using the attributes popover, did I get this correctly?
Your request is to also be able to customize the value of these specific kind of item specifics directly in Preview mode as you can do in the Attributes popover?

Hi Kristian,
yes exactly! I suppose GS shouldn’t allow me to modify that value in the attributes popover. I don’t need to change values, but I need to empty the attribute (in other words, if a value is selected, there is no way to remove it leaving attribute empty, apart customizing from attributes popover but this way the bug happens).

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