GarageSale Auction Schedule Interval Increment suggestion

Hi, i like the auction scheduler very much and it works great with my very fast internet connection. However, i would like to suggest an option to launch auctions every 30 seconds. For example, if i have 300 auctions, at 1 minute intervals this will take a whopping 5 hours to complete. A 30 second option would speed things along nicely. Thank you.

I tried to set the increment value for .5 of a minute but it doesnt seem to work.

Didn’t even know there was an auction scheduler. Well, that will make my Saturdays a more pleasurable day.

Have you tried leaving the interval field at zero?

This way, GarageSale’s scheduler uploads next the listing as soon as uploading the images and communication with eBay for the previous listing is done.

Depending on your connection speed and the number of images, this might close to the 30 seconds intervals your are desiring.

Here is an idea for a future version of GarageSale: What if we added an interval field to the regular auction start mechanism? Would that be helpful, or do you use the scheduler because you also want the listings to start automatically at a certain time?

Interestingly, i get the same results when i set the interval to .5 as when i set it to zero. The auctions load one at a time. And it only takes about 10-12 seconds to launch one complete auction, too fast for me. 30 second interval would be perfect.

As for future versions of GarageSale, yes what you are saying would be very helpful and i had considered this too. The way i use GarageSale , i have my listings divided by category in folders on the left of the screen. I usually prepare a batch for launch. Select All , then Start. A simple check box option in the Launch Control window would be perfect. You could still keep the auction scheduler for more advanced users.

Also , you need to include an option in the preferences to supress the eBay message “PayPal added as a payment method because you have set your preference to offer PayPal on all listings.” :rofl:

Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

If you control-click that warning, there should be an option “Ignore this warning in the future”.

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