GarageSale beta 7 "Orders" sidebar question

I am new to the GarageSale 7 beta (7.0 b43).

When a sale was made today for one of my listings, the buyer paid soon after. When I launched the GaragaSale app, I see the sale listed in the “Waiting for Payment” folder in the Orders sidebar. The item is paid for and was showing marked as paid in the app.

Shouldn’t this item be displayed in the next folder down? The one titled “Ready to Ship”? Screenshot attached:

I really do like the changes to v7 so far.



Orders ‘Smart Folders’ are not working for me either. Something broke on the last update.
‘Waiting for payment’ used to work after ‘Payment Instructions Sent’ was checked. Haven’t had payments yet, so I don’t know if ‘Ready to Ship’ and ‘Leave Feedback’ will be working.

Thanks, Steve

If you turn the “Paid” checkbox off and on again manually, will the smart group update correctly?

The ‘ready to ship’ and ‘leave (left) feedback’ are working correctly. I don’t have many auctions right now. I’ll double check my setup on the smart folder and try toggling the paid checkbox next opportunity I have.

Thank you for your reply.

Toggling the “Items paid” check boxes in the 2 “orders” did move them from the 'Waiting for payment" smart group folder. This folder is not very smart if it doesn’t contain items matching the criteria.

Tonight I had a sale that has not yet been paid for does not show up in the 'Waiting for payment" smart folder. Regardless of what checkbox I have toggled.

How can one edit the folders in the Smart Group? I can create a new one, but no way to edit the criteria of an existing one.


Mike: Double click on the folder to edit.


Thanks for the reply. I had not tried double-clicking on them.
I had only tried right-clicking.


same for me: smartgroups are not working until i manually uncheck-check “paid” status.

Follow-up. The smart folder I setup for Waiting for Payment is definitely not working. Using only 2 terms for this. Status-Completed-Yes and Payment-Received-No.


There’s a fix for some smart group misbehavior coming up in Beta 45, which we’ll release very soon.

Unfortunately this fix will only apply to newly received orders or order state changes, so you have to double-click each misbehaving smart group and close the editor again, to get missing orders into the smart group.

I have updated to 7.0 b45.

The Smart Groups feature is still very broken.

The Smart Group for “Waiting for Payment” remains empty after 23 new orders received today on my Ebay account. No amount of refreshing, relaunching or double-clicking seems to get the Smart Groups to fill with the orders that match their set criteria.

Is it feasible for you to send me your GarageSale Library via Dropbox, so I can have a look what’s causing this problem?

Sorry for the delayed response. I had been dealing with some other matters and neglected to check this forum.

I would require a private way to share my garagesale data with you.

Also, I have noticed that when an “order” contains more than 1 of the same item, the order displayed does not show the correct total. Ex, buyer purchased 2 of one item plus 2 other additional items, the total cost displayed reflects only the cost of 1 of each item. Missing that there was 2 of one of the items, totaling 4 pieces.

Hi Mike,

Here are instructions how you can send us your private library:

  1. Go to the directory Library/Containers/ and locate the com.iwascoding.garagesale7 folder

  2. Duplicate com.iwascoding.garagesale7 folder place the copy on your Desktop

  3. Open the folder and drill down through Data > Library > Application Support > GarageSale

  4. Delete these folder from the list you are now seeing:

    • CategoryData
    • EbaySpecifics
    • ImageCache
    • ImageLibrary
    • ImageThumbnailLibrary
  5. On your Desktop, compress the com.iwascoding.garagesale7 folder by right clicking it and choosing ‘Compress …’

  6. Click on the link below and select the zip file that should now be on the desktop:


I have sent you my library data using your instructions & link.


Thanks. I got your data installed. I saw 3 orders in the “Waiting for Payment”, even though they had the “Paid” flag set.

I was able to remove these items from the smart group by double-clicking the smart group and closing the rule panel with the “OK” button. This causes GarageSale to re-evaluate the smart group membership for orders that slipped to the cracks due to bugs in earlier GarageSale betas.

Let me know if this works for you, and if there are any other smart groups that are obviously off.

smart groups also unpredictable for me when i’m trying to filter orders where i had to leave feedback.

i’m using this conditions:
shipped = yes
left feedback = no
and getting orders both feedback left and not left.

Yes, double-clicking on the “Waiting for Payment” smart group will clear the 3 orders like you stated.

However, the 3 completed orders somehow reappear in the “Waiting for Payment” smart folder after about 10 minutes. This is with the current beta 48 installed

This sounds like we need to take a look at your eBay communication logs, to recreate the issue. I’ll send you a link to enable logging in a private message.

Here is a special version that has learned a special trick:

If you go to the orders section (click on the shopping cart icon) while holding the alt/option key, it will update all relevant indexes, so your smart groups should get back in sync with the current state of your orders. This should also enable searching for tracking number for old orders:

Let me know how this version works for you.