GarageSale claims I do not have a payment method set up

I don’t use GarageSale often as I do not sell on eBay often, but I did not have this error a year ago. I get under Preflight:

“A payment method has to be set up so you can continue to sell on eBay.”

Well I have PayPal and credit cards attached to my eBay so I cannot think what the problem could be. I have seen other people mention this sort of thing in 2016 and 2018 on this forum, but I did not find solutions there.

Can you please sent a screenshot of this error message? Also, did you check the those payment options are still active in the listing you are verifying?

The error is as I quoted it. Paypal is selected in the listing, as far as I can tell.

If you can help me verify that all of the selections in all of the parts of the listing are correct, that would be helpful. For some reason it shows that I have three payment profiles (Paypal, Paypal#0, Paypal#1). I do not know what these are. Clicking Update Profile does nothing.

Selecting one of those unidentifiable profiles yields additional errors. I do not know what a return profile or s shipping profile is, or where these shou;d be set up, or why selecting a payment profile should yield this error. I’m disappointed by these errors. I wanted to start an auction tonight at 21:00 GMT.

Sounds like eBay is dropping PayPal from your listing.

Have you checked on the eBay website, that your PayPal account is still linked to your eBay account?

Well, yes, but I don’t understand where these profiles are on eBay. I selected one of the profiles and that demanded a returns profile I selected that, but for the shipping profile I can only select old profiles for the wrong price. I do not know where these are stored and I cannot alter them. The postage for this item should be £20 to UK and £28 to Ireland with insurance, but all I can select is ParcelForce flat rate €35 or other profiles under €8. (Thank you for your help.)

Any help? All of the discussions about shipping profiles on this forum seem to date to well before PayPal’s current listings. There is no Business Policies tab.

I’ve been upgrading GarageSale regularly, but I really need a solution to this. If I cannot find or change or delete “policies” on eBay how can I use GarageSale?

It still wants to force me to use shipping profiles though I have two shipping options specified in the auction. Again, I do not know where the profiles reside on ebay but they do not give the correct sums for the auction.

I found business policies. It is down. There seems to be no way that in the next 20 minutes I can use GarageSale to post an auction. I can’t disable all three profiles. I’m stuck.

Even better, now if I turn all of them off something somewhere wants me to create a “rate table”.

Screen Shot 2020-11-22 at 20.42.23

I had this warning when I gave up with automatic payment with PayPal of ebay fees. After some time, eBay forced me to insert a payment for ebay fees (nothing related to GS). Do you have a fee payment set in your ebay account? Do you have unpaid fees over your account? I guess it might somehow depend on your PayPal setting into eBay…

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