Garagesale Crashing Immediately On Startup

I hope somebody can help me.

GS had started to get a bit unstable over the last few months and would crash occasionally.

I recently upgraded my OSX to 10.13.6 and a few days later, GS would crash immediately (although I am not sure that the two are related). I am running a fairly old iMac - 2011 version.

I have tried deleting and re-loading GS, but to no effect - it still crashes.

If it helps, I had one scheduled listing at the time of the final crash.

GS also crashes for me occasionnally. Usually, I can send some crash report afterwards.

I read this forum occasionally and have only posted once before, so forgive me for my ignorance. How do I send a crash report?

I have copied the crash report which I think is designed to be sent to Apple. Is this the same as the one to be sent to iwascoding?

When restarting GarageSale after the crash, there should be one or several panels coming up. One of them contains a field for your e-mail address. Please fill that in with the e-mail you are using on this forum, so I can filter the crash database for crashes coming from you and figure out what’s going on.

Hi, thanks for replying.

I don’t get any panels coming up immediately. The small ‘dot’ under the GS icon just disappears. A few seconds later, I get the ‘GarageSale quite unexpectedly.’ panel with the options ‘ignore’, ‘report’, and ‘reopen’ which says, “Click Reopen to open the application again. Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple.”

I don’t get an option to report it to iwascoding.

You wrote it:

Copy the text and paste in a text editor, then send to Ilja (or fill the email field as already said)

Yes, but as I said, the ‘report’ option is for sending it to Apple, and not iwascoding. There is NO email field for me to use. It is crashing in such a way that it is not even starting up.

I have two questions:

  1. Does the crash report for Apple’s purposes the same as the crash report that iwascoding would require?

  2. If so, then how can I get this to ilja without being provided with an email box through GS (if GS is not giving me an email field, how can I send it?). Ilja has asked me to send it to him from my email account in order that he can identify it, presumably by filtering out other people’s crashes.

Not for us, as we never get to see the reports you are sending to Apple. That’s why we need to roll our own secondary crash report panel.

  1. In Apple’s crash report panel click “Report”
  2. In the next panel, there’s a huge text field showing all the information send to Apple
  3. Copy and paste all that text into a text document
  4. Send that text document to us by either attaching it to a reply in this thread, or by sending it via e-mail to citing this thread.

Thank you, I have emailed the crash report to you.


Your crash report seems to indicate a corrupted database. Do you perhaps have an TimeMachine (or other) backup from the time before the crashing started you could revert to?

If not, you can launch GarageSale with the control key pressed to select the “Auto repair corrupt databases” option. But this method will not guarantee a working database.


I’ll give it a go.

I have one other option which is to set up a new user on my Mac and start with a clean install and build up a new database. The problem is that I use GS a lot (all unique items which probably run to 15,000 items), and it may just be getting too large.

Thanks for your help. I will let you know how it goes.


I have tried to open GarageSale by holding down the control key, but it still won’t open.

This may be a stupid question, but am I trying to just restore GarageSale, or do I need to do a full system restore?

If it is just GarageSale, which bits am I trying to restore, and where are they located?

One final question. If I want to completely delete GarageSale, and then re-install it, how would I go about it?

Removing, or restoring the GarageSale data library from a backup, should be sufficient. Also, use the disk utility to make sure you hard drive isn’t failing, or its file system has becoming corrupted.

GarageSale’s data is in your account home directory under Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale7.

The Library folder in you home directory might be invisible unless made visible in the View Options setting for your home directory.

Also, there is a “Open Library Folder” command in the “Help” menu, but since you cannot open GS, it’s won’t be helpful in this case.

I checked the disk and it is okay.

I restored a backup from about 2 weeks ago, and re-launched GS. It did launch, but then crashed after about 10 seconds, but in that 10 second period I managed to send a crash report to iwascoding. Is there a chance you could look at it for me?

I may try to restore an earlier backup and see if this improves the stability.


As a follow-up to this thread, I struggled to find a backup database that didn’t have corrupted database issues (GS has been ‘glitchy’ for some time), so in the end I just renamed the database to ‘old’ and started with a fresh install which created a new, uncorrupted, database.

I lost several thousand old listings in the process, but I can live with that.

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