GarageSale Crashing on start-up & when create new listing

Hi I am having problems with GarageSale 8.4.1 Crashing on start-up & when creating new listings. I have re-installed it again and it opened without crashing but still crashes sometimes.

crash id - ae47d0f222b4b8d368223a2f373aa142


The old GarageSale 8 is using an older eBay API.
These crashes are due to eBay finally turning off their old attribute API recently.

The solution is to upgrade to GarageSale 9, for which we re-built the internal attribute system to cope with this API change.

GarageSale 9 can be tested for free and you find more details about what’s new on our website here:

On first launch it will ask you to import your GarageSale 8 database so you shouldn’t lose any work:

If you turn off your internet connection your old GarageSale 8 probably can still be started without crashing. This might be helpful if you still need to have access to this version, e.g. to export specific listings.

ok Thanks, How do I find out when I purchased my garage sale license as I see you can get the upgrade for half price if before a certain date.

I just checked: You purchased your GarageSale 8 license end of September 2020 which means you are not eligible for the free upgrade license but you have the option to purchase the GarageSale 9 upgrade license.

You can use your previous GarageSale 8 license to purchase an upgrade license for GarageSale 9. This is how:

• Download GarageSale 9:

• Start the purchase flow from within GarageSale 9. (Just choose “Buy License…” from the “GarageSale” menu.)
• If you don’t see the upgrade option there, please click on “Enter Previous License” and enter your GarageSale 8 license. Your GarageSale 8 license should be recognized and the upgrade option should be available then.

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