GarageSale crashing when creating a new listing

When I create a new listing the application crashes and when I try to access certain listings the applications crashes too. Just a total crash using the latest 9.0.3 1426

Could you please lookup your personal “CrashID” from the “About GarageSale” window, and copy & paste it here, so we can check what’s going on your Mac in our crash database? Thanks.

My CrashID is 966cbcbb2da23b82fa67f0f6ac1f5d61
Thank you very much for looking into this for me, I truly Appreciate it

Thanks for your crash id. Could you please give this special build a try, and see if the crash is fixed:

Worked like a charm! Thank you very much. Will the build you gave me update like the normal version or will I have to do that manually? Thanks again

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