GarageSale Doesn't Find All My Photos!

I have a number of photos that I took of shoes to sell that show up find in the Photos app on my Macbook. But when I try to import them into GarageSale it only sees a few of them! Also I can’t drop and drag from the Photos into GarageSale. Can anyone help with this? Thanks! Carl

Hi Carl,

for me sounds you ran into two common issues of the Photos app, unfortunately.

It might help to right-click on the “Photos” entry in the GarageSale Photo Library and select “Reload”. If this doesn’t help it might be needed to restart GarageSale.
As far as I know this has to do with the Photos app not properly updating their internal photo index. So there’s no way for other tools to always “see” newly added photos.

That’s known issue, too. The Photos app does not support drag and drop to so-called web views like the Preview in GarageSale. Drag and drop to Editor mode should work though.

Regards, Kristian

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