GarageSale & eBay Motors

I’ve noticed when posting items on the eBay Motors section of eBay - a few things are not working correctly.

1.) Images in mobile don’t show all of the images – only the first one shows up until you click thru to the Item Description tab. This is only on eBay Motors – when I post multiple images (using Garagesale picture server) on the standard eBay site – all of the images I post ore viewable by swiping on the first image.

2.) Only on eBay Motors… the "Buy It Now"option stays available after an initial bid has been placed. I have a few items that have been bid on, the BIN is still active – kind of confusing for the bidders, and not going to help drive up the bids much IMHO.

Any others experience this?
Any ideas on how to get this reported as a bug, not a “feature”?

Be well,


To 1.) It seems that EPS images are not defined as free on eBay Motors, so GarageSale won’t upload them there if you use GarageSale’s free image service.
Switching to EPS should do the trick.

To 2.) I think that’s a feature. Do you the reserve price option enabled?

Regards, Kristian