Garagesale error messages loop - help please!

Hello all,

I have a problem for which I cannot find help for on any other support pages. I use the most current version of garagesale for mac running version 10.10.5. I have nearly 1000 listings and would be devastated to lose them. I was recently in the middle of relisting when the electricity cut in my home right in the middle of a relisting an item. Now I am unable to reopen garagesale.

I just receive a message saying

“GarageSale quit unexpectedly. Click Reopen to open the application again. Click Report to see more detailed information and send a report to Apple.”

No matter which I click I then get a message stating.

“The last time you opened GarageSale, it unexpectedly quit while reopening windows. Do you want to try to reopen its windows again?”

and then there is just a loop of these two messages. I have noticed people having this same problem with other programs but none specific to garagesale.

I have of course restarted my computer several times to no avail.

Please let me know what I can do to solve this if you have nay ideas! Thanks in advance.


Hi Wesley,

Please let us know which version of GarageSale you have installed. (Just select ‘About GarageSale’ from the ‘GarageSale’ menu in GarageSale.)

It seems that GarageSale crashes each time you start it. The messages you’re getting are standard messages from OS X as far as I can tell.

–> Can you click “Ignore” or “Cancel” in that message?

Regards, Kristian