Garagesale for IOS flaky

I’ve been using garagesale on my iPhone for several years but just lately it’s become unreliable (photos disappear if iPhone turns off while creating a listing, cryptic messages when sending the listing off), I tried creating a listing today but as soon as the first photo began to upload I got the message ‘internal error’ and it crashed. I tried several times then left it, a couple of hours later it uploaded the listing fine.

Is there a problem with the app and IOS 11? It’s very flaky.

Sorry, GarageSale for iOS is no longer compatible with the eBay system. eBay made many changes recently, e.g. changes to their image upload system.
We decided to remove it from the App Store. It’s not compliant to the new eBay policies and we currently can’t afford it to adapt it to all the changes. If you have a Mac, you might want to switch to GarageSale for Mac. It’s compliant to all eBay policies.

Regards, Kristian

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