GarageSale getting stuck on Uploading

GarageSale has started getting stuck in the “Uploading” stage of starting a listing. I’ve tried restarting my computer, I’ve verified I’m connected to the internet, I’ve refreshed the access token etc

It’s also not pulling anything from eBay when I try to import from eBay.

Any ideas?

There is an activity viewer panel accessible from the Windows menu. Does it show any stuck operations in particular?

Also, do you get a price forecast in the toolbar when selecting listings?

Hi -

I was gone for the day and just got home and tried it again and it’s working properly.

Just to answer your questions though: It would go through “Verifying”, then when I clicked start listing it would just show it was uploading but no progress bar would move across… It would sit like that for several minutes, and I’d just close it out. At one point, I let it just run, and eventually it said there was a connection issue.

By “price forecast”, if you mean the listing price by the start rocket, yes (image attached)21%20AM

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